Monday, March 21, 2011

Project Started

Well, I finally decided which project to make with my new Sunkissed fabric.  The choice was tough, but I decided to go with Sunkissed Squares by KarrieLyne of Freckedwhimsy.  I love the pattern and the way the colors on her quilt pop.  My time spent checking out other blogs has shown me how popular it has become to have lots of white borders or sashing on quilts right now and I must say I love the look.

So I started yesterday morning.  Cutting, cutting, cutting.......and now that's done!
In between all the cutting was laundry, cleaning the kitchen and answering about a hundred questions for my grandson, V, whose momma is out of town.

Next I began sewing.... strip piecing makes me smile!  It's ever so fast and I like to imagine it is saving me some thread.  I love feeling thrifty!  So I'm sewing and sewing....see how fast it grows?  In between all this sewing I am folding clothes, making lunch, opening play doh, setting up a painting station, cleaning up the play doh and painting station.  And don't forget, answering about a hundred more questions for V.  I finally got dinner on and had to stop for the day, but I think I made lots of progress, don't you?

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