Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mini quilt sew and tell

Amylouwwho is having a party for mini quilts!  This is sew fun!  I haven't done but a couple of mini quilts in my 20 plus years as a quilter, but I am really wanting to do more.  I mean, have you seen all the beautiful minis that folks are making?  What a great way to try our new techniques!

 This is a mini I made quite a few years back. My skills were still quite rough and I found this pattern in a Georgia Bonesteel book.  Her books were the first ones I used for inspiration and help in teaching myself to quilt.  It wasn't too difficult to make the small squares and twist them.
 Here is a better view of the twisted squares and the little spiral I hand quilted in the green squares.
I didn't even correctly bind this thing.  I just folded the back over the front and hand stitched it.  This was made back when all I did was hand quilting.  I hadn't taken a machine quilting class yet, although I did later.  Now I only hand quilt for embellishment mostly.  Machine quilting is much more fun and quicker!
Stop over at Amylouwho to check out all the cool minis!

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