Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend Accomplishments

It's been a great weekend here.  My weekend begins when I get off work on Saturday afternoon and goes until Monday night.  Tuesday is my Monday.  Did you follow that? Anyway, we (my hubby and I) took down the tree and restored order to the living room.  As is our fashion, we also deep cleaned and dusted the room.  It's a great time to get it done.  We also cleaned the floor.  This was good for me because...

 The time was finally here! I am going to quilt this Swoon quilt.  One year in the making of the top, the backing and finally buying the batting and it's on to pin basting.
 I got it all set to baste and got down to it.  I kept the camera close so I could take photos for this post, but I kept thinking it was a good thing nobody took a picture of me crawling around on the floor looking less than graceful as I pinned the layers.
 I cannot wait to see this all quilted up.  It is going to be wonderful and I think it may go on our bed.
 I was down there pinning away and it suddenly occurred to me, "I don't have any fabric for the binding!" I voiced it aloud to my honey and I said "I think it needs to be red, though."
 And wonder of wonders...He said "Yes, I think you're right.  Red is the way to go."  I love it when we agree!  It is very nice to see eye to eye on such creative matters.
So red it will be.  Now to find the perfect red...hopefully already in my stash!  In other news, my daughter and the boys came by Saturday when I got home, to hang out and craft.  V painted, daughter knit and baby B did this:

 Cutest, happiest baby in the world, lying there on one of Grammie's quilts.  Love to cuddle that little guy.
And my daughter helped me to figure out an arrangement for my SMQ Bee, round 1 blocks.  I was going to sash them, be she talked me out of that with this arrangement.  I like it.  I think I will just frame it with a border.

Don't forget to visit Sew We Quilt for the fabulous In Your Words blog hop going on this week.  Today is day one.  There are some very inspirational words in fabric over there.  My day to hop is Wednesday so I hope to see you back here then.
Have a great day!


  1. Love your SMQ Bee block quilt Charlotte. Have just posted my first blocks for Round 2 out today!

  2. Wow - you were busy! Your Swoon looks great! I need to finish up my last block. Love that your hubby agreed with you on the binding. My husband usually has very specific opinions on my quilting and they don't always agree with mine! Your Bee blocks look great - I need to play around with mine. I also got my two January blocks done this weekend - YAY!

    That baby is such a cutie!!

  3. I love the Swoon quilt, Mama! I think that will look lovely on your bed.


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