Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fun Little Project

As I have been fighting to quilt my Swoon Quilt on my Bernina (dumb decision) I have needed some smaller projects to be able to get some gratification.  Here is one of those projects.

 This is the Noodlehead divided basket.  I have been wanting to make this since Anna first showed it on her blog.  This is the cutest and so many fun fabric possibilities.
 I chose Laurie Wisbrun's Perfectly Perched for my first (of many) basket.  I bought the fabric awhile back and was waiting to see what it wanted to be made into.
 I love everything about this little basket.  It is cute, functional and let me just say, the pattern is superb.  It is simple and every bit of it works just the way it should.  It comes together pretty quickly.
 And who can resist those adorable little chairs and birds?  I have a few more fabric combos lined up for these.
Then, I want to find some cute canvas or home dec weight fabric and try that too.  I am filled with a million uses...well, okay, maybe not a million.  L-O-V-E this basket!!!

This one was made for Baby B's toys at my house.  Guess I either better make more or figure out how to make it bigger!  Until next time, have a great day!


  1. Lovely basket, it looks sooooo useful!

  2. Lovely basket, it looks sooooo useful!

  3. Lovely basket, it looks sooooo useful!

  4. What a great basket! The divider is a very good idea. Brave of you quilting Swoon on the Bernina - can't wait to see it finished! I need to finish up my last Swoon block!


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