Monday, April 1, 2013

So Many Projects!

If you're like me, you don't just have one quilt or sewing project going at any time.  I make lists, so that I don't forget any of them and I try to rotate through and give each one a bit of attention.  Sometimes, however, I just have to start a new one, even though there are so many already in progress.  One of the things I love about my husband is that he doesn't even point out that I haven't finished the others when I start a new one.  Here are two in the queue, and one that's done. (an unintentional rhyme)

Remember this?  I started this a while ago, after buying the pattern last year.  I scrapped my original fabric choices and started again.

I made some progress on this one yesterday.  It's slow going for me because there is so much cutting and then trimming and then sewing...I will keep going, but this one will take longer than some.

 This is a new start.  I saw an offer of 50% off these fabrics from Fat Quarter Shop on facebook.  It is Zoofari by Riley Blake Designs.  I bought a total of 4 yards to make a new quilt for Baby B.  I thought pinwheels would be nice and quick. 
It's really cute fabric and I know he'll love it.  These are the first few pinwheels I made yesterday.  The dark blue is one I had in my stash, a Kona color.

Now, for the finish...and there's a story, but you knew there would be, right?

A few years back my daughter went to New York City.  She stopped in at the Purl and bought, among other things, a bundle of these cute fabrics.  She wanted to make a quilt, so I suggested patchwork as an easy one to do.  She cut them up small.  These squares are 2 inches!  Then, she did nothing with them.  Life happened and finally I stepped in and offered to sew them together for her.  This pile is what is still left at the end.  Here is what I made for her:
 Here is the quilting, in progress yesterday.  It was overcast and rainy, so the perfect day to quilt.
 I found, with the help of another member on flickr, some of the yardage with the hut on it.  I didn't know what it was, but turns out it's Tina Givens.  I was able to get another yard at Fabric.com.  I used it for the binding, although my original thought was to use it for the back.
 Here is the front of this bright and beautiful quilt.  I do love the way it all turned out.  Minimal planning went into this, but as often happens, it came together.
 I even had the perfect color for the quilting and stitching the binding.  What a pretty pink!
 I found some yellow in my stash that I made the border with to corral the squares.  It is the same 2 inch width as the squares.
 I absolutely love the back.  I found these two fabrics in my stash.  Both are Quilter's Candy from Connecting Threads.  I don't think the pictures do them justice.  So bright and pretty!
 Down in the bottom corner I cut and stitched one patch of the hut that I fussy cut.  I think it's perfect.
 This is a project that took a year, sandwiched in between so many other quilts, clothing and bags that I have made for friends and family.
I hope you have enjoyed this look today at some of my many projects.  They all get done eventually.
Have a great Monday.


  1. love both of the new projects -- I was just writing my my latest post that I need to focus more on completing projects and act less like a kid in need of Ritalin-- but in the end they all get finished (or not). Your daughter is going to love that quilt it looks great, trip around the world is one of my favorites and generally pleases everyone.

  2. Great stuff! I really love your daughter's quilt - it is so cheery (and I really heart orange and yellow o:) )


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