Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bees Helping Bees...A Public Service Announcement

I know many of us in this wonderful on line community participate in virtual bees. Many wonderful creations come from those bees. Sometimes, though, we don't get all the blocks we are supposed to for one reason or another. Life happens and people drop out of the bee. So what do you do with the blocks you have? Are they destined to be orphans forever? Not any more!

Hailey (hope I spelled that correctly) of Mrs. Pickles Garden has started a flickr group called Bees Helping Bees. You can join this group and post if you have a need for some blocks to finish up a quilt. So far there are 31 members and we have helped 2 quilters to get enough blocks to finish their quilts.

There are no recriminations here ladies. Only help in getting those blocks done and into your quilts. 

If you need help, stop by and join. Right now there are no blocks needed so we are ready and waiting.

Happy Sunday to you.              mrs pickles garden

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  1. yay thank you once again for posting about our group.


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