Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thanks, Crazy Mom

It's my vacation week this week. It's really a staycation, designed to get more sewing done and chill a bit before the retail holiday madness once again becomes my life's normal.  I hope to sew a lot and share here with you. First up, a shout out to Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts.  She has the cutest little thread catcher pattern on her site. I broke down and bought it because I couldn't figure out how I wanted to make one until I saw hers. Well worth it.  This thing has so many uses.

 This one sits on my cutting table. I made it using an interfacing stabilizer. It has stiff sides and stands up quite nicely. Holds lots of trimmings for its size.
 This one sits on my sewing table. It is actually the first one I made from some loved Noteworthy fabric. I made this one with batting, because at the time I had no interfacing on hand. Couldn't let that stop me! Ha! It did not stand tall and it kind of bothered me after a couple of weeks. So I emptied it and got out my No. 8 Presencia pink thread and hand quilted it in straight, vertical lines.
Now it stands straighter and I love it even more. It too, holds lots of threads and clippings for me.  I still need to make one for my ironing station. I will get there, soon I hope. Let's just say it has reduced the number of errant threads on my floor...a lot!

But wait...there is one more use for this so called 'thread' catcher.

My husband uses packets of Stevia in his morning coffee.  I have two trash cans in my kitchen. The paper packets still get left on the counter. Grrrr. Asking nicely wasn't working. Perhaps it was the sleepy morning brain not quite functioning yet.  My solution?

 I made another one in a kitchen print I had been saving for heaven knows what. I used interfacing in this one too, to get a crisp, sharp feel. It sits on the counter, next to the coffee pot and you know what?
It works! No more paper packets on the counter. Thanks honey! And thank you, Crazy Mom!

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