Sunday, November 10, 2013

Christmas Trees and Tie Dye

I've been quilting away here this week pretty steadily. I have finished one quilt that just needs binding and am quilting another before I bind them both. Meanwhile, I spent a little time piecing and doing some tie dye with my sweet Grandson, V. Let's start with that.

 Here is a t-shirt for baby B. We watched the video that came with the tie dye kit and I let V pick the ways in which we would tie each of the shirts.
 He wanted a swirl for his shirt and even though I doubted my ability to do this one, with his encouragement, I did just fine.
                                        We did the dots and spots for his mom's t-shirt...
 ...and a scrunchy line down one side of mine. We were almost done when he said we needed to make something for grandaddy. So I found a pair of white socks to use up the last of the dye.
The other reason I wanted to tie dye was to make this:

It is two yards of Kona white, or rather it was Kona white. Now I need to decide what to make with it. It is almost too cool to cut up.  Any suggestions?

Now, about those Christmas trees. Christa, at Christa Quilts is having a Modern Christmas Tees Quilt Along.  And this is my interpretaion of her pattern:

I cut the trees from a Robert Kaufman print from the classic quilts line. I thought they would make very cool modern trees.  I struggled a bit with the background. I knew I wanted it to be pink, but I auditioned a couple and wasn't satisfied. I tried green...nope...red...nope. Had to be pink. But I didn't have a lot of any one pink. So the solution was to make it patchwork. I used one pink around the trees for each row and am now filling in the rest with patchwork.  I have a love/hate relationship with this little quilt top. Some days I hate it and I walk away. The next time I see it, I love it again. Well that's it for today. See you soon.


  1. Ooooh, I like your version of the Modern Trees! Very creative! I know you will find the perfect project for your dyed fabric. What fun that must have been to do! Sadly, I can think of no suggestions to offer. =) Thanks for stopping by for the blog hop!

  2. Hey, nice tie dye! Have you seen my tie dye now that we are linked on flickr? I haven't done much quilting fabric but I aim to do more. Yours looks great!

    Francesca (:


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