Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Stash #5

This is number 5 for me. I was too crazy busy last week to get pictures, so I missed out. I went looking in my stash to see what I could share and I found these lovely Sara Jane fabrics.

 I love Sara Jane's sweet prints that bring back so many childhood memories. I have no plan for any of these (that's why I am fabric fasting) but they are too cute to resist.
 Definitely a more girly print, and I only have grandsons, so they may sit for a bit longer.  But eventually I will make something.
It is a pretty nice little stack. I want to use the panels whole, so it will take some careful planning.
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  1. Love Sarah Jane fabrics so much. They make me want to collect them all! Nice stash.

  2. So sweet, maybe a little girl will come to enjoy them someday.

  3. Thankfully fabrics do not spoil so there is no rush. You will find just the right project when the time is right. Creative Bliss...


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