Monday, December 22, 2014

Baby Quilts I Have Made

In a continuing effort to keep this blog moving forward towards my 400th post, in spite of the holiday craziness, I am focusing on baby quilts I have made. There are a lot of them. For that reason, this will be (mostly) a picture post. Ready?

 Okay, so he isn't a baby, but I made two of these for the first two grandsons for their first big boy beds.

 Can't quite see the tumbling blocks quilt here, all in bright colors for this little guy, the first grandson.
 Made two of these for a sweet pair of sisters. They weren't babies anymore either, but so what?

 I loved this pattern so much I had to make another. The above is a bag you can fold the quilt up and carry it in.

 A whole cloth quilt for a sweet baby boy. I love this one, even though it is so simple.

 This one above and the one below it were donated to help raise money for cancer.

 These, you may remember, were made this summer for a set of twins living in Ohio.

 And these for a set of twins living in Texas. Two sets of twins this year, a first for my quilting.

I am sure I forgot a few, but I love making baby quilts. They are quick and you can try out lots of patterns on them. Happy Monday everyone.


  1. So many adorable quilts! I love the one with the sheep on it...too cute!

  2. very nice. I love making baby quilts too.


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