Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sorry Pantone, My Color of the Year is PINK

Pantone has selected Marsala as its color of the year. I have seen it and I am not impressed or driven to want anything in that color. My color of the Year is PINK!
Why pink you ask?
This summer, when I went for my mammogram, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now, before you get too panicky over this, let me tell you a few things. My first reaction was "I don't have time for this!" Seriously. Too much to do and things going on to have to have cancer.
The ribbon a coworker gave me
 I am very very fortunate to live near one of the best cancer hospitals in the country, UNC, home of the Lineberger Cancer Center. My diagnosis was swiftly followed with lots of tests to determine the nature of this cancer. It is early stage cancer and seems to be restricted to the left breast and at least one lymph node.
The chef pants I wear to work
I was able to get into a clinical study for a drug that is usually used to treat late stage cancer. I am so lucky! There are very limited side effects for me on this medication and it is working at shrinking the tumor.
A t-shirt given to me by a friend who is a tattoo artist
 I still have to have surgery in late January. But thanks to this study medication, it should be a less invasive surgery. I will not know until after the surgery whether I need chemo or radiation treatments, but even if I do, it should be smaller doses than it would otherwise be. This is thanks to that study drug. I am so lucky!
A tie dye shirt a friend made for me...in pink!
 So, for now, I am sewing as much as I can and I am planning a few projects that can be done while I rest and recover. I have no doubts that I will be 100% by the spring. I am signed up for a 4 mile race in April that I ran last year. I will be there again.
A scarf sent to me by a wonderful friend
 I am telling you all this to let you know that I will be fine. I believe this. I may be down for a bit, but I am not out of the game yet. Attitude is everything. I have a great support system, great doctors and a wonderful family. I want you to know that my readers are very important to me and I want to share even this with you.
Even my post it notes are pink

May you have a beautiful, peaceful Christmas season, a Joyous New Year full of hope and I will see you all back here very soon.  XXXXXXX


  1. Charlotte, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. There will of course be a wonderful coming Spring for you. Hugs from me in Sweden

  2. Yes! I believe you will be fine too and will race in April! I'm so sorry to hear of this, but I agree that your attitude will be such a great help in the overall outcome. May God give you strength, wisdom and courage.... (I'm thinking you have plenty of each right now!) Merry Christmas to you and yours! Go Pink!

  3. Charlotte, The Big C has affected so many of my good friends and family, but with all the amazing advances in medicine they are definitely not "out of the game." Your positive attitude will be a plus in your recovery. Ditto to what Jeanie said...Merry Christmas to you and yours! Go Pink!

  4. Charlotte, your positive attitude is your best medicine! I know you will have excellent care and lots of support from your beautiful family, especially the grands, who always bring joy. Sending healing and energy thoughts your way....go pink!


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