Friday, January 22, 2016

It's a Girl!

 I have been saving these fabrics for such a long time. I love all of them, but I thought they were too girly for the grandsons. And now, I have a reason to create with them. In fact, I have a plan and have already started cutting.
 Then there are the pinks. I have lots and lots and lots of pinks. I have one quilt top finished and you can bet there will be more soon.  I love being able to use these pinks.
 Then there are these two Sarah Jane prints. I don't know if they will be quilts or not. They would be adorable dresses. Have to think on that. She's still brand new and tiny.
 I love this print too. I think it would make a great quilt back. I hate the thought of cutting it up.
 More pretty pinks and flowers. I am over the moon to have a granddaughter to sew for, can you tell?
I love the old fashioned look of these Heather Ross Tiger Lilly prints. Something good will come out of these too.
 Remember this? Well I got busy last week and quilted it up in just a couple of hours. I always felt it looked pretty girly. I love the way it turned out.
 And I used an Anna Maria Horner fabric for the back. It's from the Innocent crush line. This quilt came out so soft.
 Then there's this one. I know it's sideways, but anyway, I pieced this a couple of years ago and had long hoped to quilt it. So last week I decided to get it done. I love how it turned out.
 It's soft and sweet and not too girly, but maybe just a little bit girly. I was hung up on how to quilt it, so I went with straight lines and I think it worked out great.
And I had a bunch of the dots, so that became the back and the dark blue Squared Elements made the perfect binding. Stay tuned. Lots more baby girl quilts to come.


  1. I'm green (or pink) with envy that you get to sew for a girl. My sewing is for boys, five of them, which is fun but not as fun as sewing for a girl. Congratulations on the sweet girl in your life!

    1. Thank you Carol. I do love the sewing you do for your monkey boys. I have done lots of that too and will continue, but for now it's all girl stuff here. There are no hand me downs.

  2. LOVE! Especially the Sarah Jane! Congratulations on sweet baby girl... My mom is finally starting a few jumpers for Palms, can't wait to see your creations for Nora!!!


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