Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wednesday, No W.I.P.

I know most blogger post and share WIPs on Wednesday. We love that alliteration. I don't really have any to share, but I do have a finish and I can't wait until Friday because I am working Friday. So, here we go.
 I am calling this quilt the Octopus' Garden. I bought this fabric a long while ago with the intention of making a baby quilt with it. When the baby came, I had several other quilts for her and my daughter asked me to make something bigger, because you can only use so many baby quilts. Right?
 So I noodled around and finally found a way to showcase all the prints from these two lines that I had bought to go together. I did not end up using them all, there is a scale print that I have and I already have an idea for that.
 Everything outside is wet today due to an overnight storm, so all the pictures were take indoors.
 I quilted the main portion with a rather uneven wavy line to mimic the water.
 Then I went around the outer borders with the same wavy lines, just easing around the corners.
 The binding I decided to use the bright orange print for one final pop of color and I love it!

 So this is the whole thing, laid out on my queen size bed. I think when Miss N gets her first big girl bed it will fit real nice. Of course she's only 6 months old, so it will be awhile.
 This is the back. I was originally going to piece a back, but then I found this! Extra wide backing fabric from Amanda Jean's Good Neighbors line...on SALE!...at Connecting Threads. I love this!
 I can't say enough good things about how cute this is and I am so sold on extra wide backing fabric. I love the thriftiness of piecing a back, but this. This was awesome!
 Here is my label. All attached and ready to go. Quilt has been washed and dried to a soft, crinkly finish. All the Pieced side is organic cotton, by the way.
 Folded up and ready to go to it's new home. I know it will be well loved. I mean, mermaids!!
But it will have to sit on a shelf like this for a year or so first. I'm okay with that. Talk to you soon.

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