Thursday, September 22, 2016

It's in the Bag

Sometimes, when I am reading blogs, which I do for a part of every day, I find a project that I just can't resist. Sometimes it's a quilt, but sometimes it's not. I was reading S.O.T.A.K. Handmade the other day and Svetlana had made some great reusable grocery bags. Now I have a bunch of those plastic-y ones that I bought, but these were cute!
 This is the first one I made. I stuffed some things in it just to see how it worked. It is styled after those plastic bags that grocery stores use so many of. So for me, part of the charm is that it is a size and a shape that is familiar to me. I know how much will fit. Those store bought bags are so deep and get very heavy very quickly.
 So last Saturday I took them shopping for a true test run and they work great!! The pattern comes in 3 sizes. I made 3 large and one medium and one small one. I can see the large ones will get used the most, but I am happy to have one of each of the others.
 The red and green one here is the medium. Perfect size for just a few items. The pattern is available at Michelle patterns. I love using some of my pretty fabrics for such a useful purpose. To be honest, some of these have sat on the shelf for quite a while. They are reversible and machine washable.
This is the smallest one. In this picture it is holding two heavy 48 ounce jars of mayo, just so you know. The bags are sturdy and very well stitched to reinforce the seams. They are very easy to load up at the store. And yes, I am going to make more because A)they are fun to make and B)three is not enough for a regular grocery run. I hope you try them out. I think it's a great idea, and this is my own opinion. Talk to you soon.

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  1. Your shopping bags are very pretty and practical. Those smaller bags will get lots of use for post office trips to mail cards and gifts and other assorted errands. Embracing Creative Bliss...


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