Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Moving Right Along

As moving day gets closer, there are so many things that need to be done. You know how it can be tough to create when your sewing space is particularly messy and you have to clean it up before you can get anything done? I feel like that is where I am right now. Except I am having to pack my fabrics and my books and tools, so as I empty out my sewing room, I don't have anything to create with. My original plan was to save a small cache of things to work with, but that has proven hard to do.
 These are pictures of my Penny Sampler Quilt that I am making in the 12 month plan with Rachel from Stitch In Color. I was able to get all the March parts done.
 I found that I am loving the sketch style of applique and I would love to do a quilt with just that some day. Also new to me is using basting glue. A handy little tool to avoid using pins.
 I had all of the components that I have made so far up on the design wall, so I took a bunch of pictures before I took it all down, for reference when I put it back up in California.
 Placement is approximate. Still too many elements missing to get it exact just yet.
 Having it up on the wall like this allows me the ability to audition colors before I cut and sew.
I think this bright green is one of my favorite parts. My goal is to get things set up on the west coast in time to work on April's assignment before the end of April. That is why I chose the 12 month instead of the 6 month.
 The trees are the last of the March blocks. I loved the way these turned out. So far I have enjoyed every section of this quilt making process and i am learning new things, and that was the goal.
 These boxes are full of fabric. Seems like a lot, I know. But I actually have more boxes I already packed with fabric. Do you think I have a problem? Ha!
 This is the storage for my larger scraps. This thing hasn't been empty in at least 15 years!
 All the books and such are packed now too. I donated about 75% of my quilting books. I was just not using the older ones. I hope someone else is loving them now.
And lastly, the one bit of sewing I made the time for is another tiny block. It finishes at 2 inches. It may become a pin cushion in the future. I hope to talk to you soon. Maybe one more time from the east coast. Have a lovely Tuesday.

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