Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Very Productive Weekend

I have been so very productive here the last few days. I have been sewing up a storm and so happy to be ticking things off my list. I love it when it works out that way. Here is what has been happening:

 This is the ribbon block for the Penny Sampler quilt. I have all the parts up on my design wall in their more or less correct places so when the new assignment comes out I can see what is needed color and fabric-wise. I thought I just needed some red. Something that would POP and draw the eye in, before it starts to look around the quilt. This is a busy quilt. I LOVE the way this block turned out. I took my time and pinned, sewed and pressed carefully and I am quite pleased with the way all the points came out.
 This little six inch block is much smaller and easier to piece, but still I was careful to make sure to pin and press to get the points to line up.
If it wasn't for the ribbon block, this would be my favorite. I love how this came out. I love the colors and the style. If you haven't figured it out yet, this whole lesson was about HSTs and matching up the points. The best advice I can give is go slow, pin and press. Trim carefully too.

This was a most enjoyable lesson. I wanted to get it done, as the rest of July will be busy with family visitors coming to see us in our new digs. My goal for this project has always been to stay caught up, and so far, I am. Yay!

 When the hourglass blocks were done, there was one extra, since they are done in pairs. So, taking a page from Amanda Jean's book, I made another little pin cushion. These are so much fun and I love having pin cushions around the room wherever I may need them.
 The final thing I finished was another Beatrix blouse with the pattern by Rae. I have had this cut out for a few weeks, so when I was ready to sew, it was just GO! The back doesn't completely match up, but I knew that would probably happen and I don't mind. I am not using this to dress up, just for daily wear.
 The front turned out very nice. I love the way this fabric works for this blouse. I think this turned out better than my last one. I felt more confident when I was making it.
And for this one I opted for the shorted sleeves. I am not a big fan of short sleeves as I am getting older and don't like the look on me, but these are not too tight, so I think they look good. I do recommend this pattern and also the Gemma. They make for a nice summer wardrobe, but I am planning a Beatrix with 3/4 sleeves for cooler weather. Again, it is all cut out for whenever I have the time to sew it up.

I also finished a quilt top, but I can't share that yet as it is a gift. So, a very productive weekend! Have a great Wednesday. Talk to you soon.

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  1. What fun blocks--and the pin cushion, why, it looks on my monitor like it matches your new top. Perfect color coordination for a quilter! I love your new top, and so of course I had to look at your other posts about your garment sewing. I like the Gemma, too! I just sewed my first top in a loooong time, and fitting it gave me fits. I can see why you said it's a good idea to make a muslin one first. If I ever get serious about garment making again, I might need to try that.


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