Monday, April 4, 2011

Best Laid Plans...

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  And so mine did.  I was supposed to take a mini vacation this week; four days off in a row.  I was going to sew a lot and finish crocheting my Babette Blanket.  Then, life stepped in.  Fate laughed at my audacity to try and schedule such a thing.

So instead I flew to San Diego to help my sisters with moving my mother, who has Alzheimer's, to a new facility.  When asked to help, I immediately said yes.  No thoughts of anything else, this is family after all.  So I packed up my Babette Blanket pieces for the plane trip and off I went.

Was it hard?  Yes.  Was there some fun too? Yes.  I love seeing my sisters and one of my brothers was their too.  We did what needed doing, but also did some things for ourselves.  Mostly cooking dinners and talking to make up for the years and miles that we have been apart.

I did get to do some work on my Babette, which my sister is seriously coveting right now.  She kept telling me how good it looked on her couch.  I found out some new information about our family history to help me with the family tree I am building.  And I loved spending those few days with my family.  Again, time was too short.

this is what I am working on today

here's Babette
Now I'm home and back to work.  I don't know when I will be able to take some time off for just me again, but I don't want fate to find out if I do, so I can really get some projects done.

Happy spring everyone!

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  1. Yes, your sister is seriously thinking that your latest project would look fabulous on her couch. You should have taken a picture of it there to put on your blog so your readers would see just how great it looks there :-)
    XXOO Sue


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