Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Happy Winter Solstice

 It has been almost a month since I have checked in here. Lots has happened in that month. I finished all my packing of my worldly goods in Southern California, loaded them into a POD and got on a plane for North Carolina. Now, those of you who have followed me for more than 5 years might remember when I left NC for Southern California 5 years ago. I retired from my job of over 20 years, after a well fought battle with cancer. I am doing great in the health department now. But Covid changed everything.

We could not travel and see our family. We missed them, and the grandchildren so much. They also needed us, as much as we needed them. They were working from home, home schooling and all the stuff that many many families were doing and they needed help. We could have helped if we had been here. So we made the decision that we did not want to be so far away in these uncertain times.

It had been two years since I had been there and 3 years since my husband had been able to be there. It was a very tough decision, but the right one for us. They have all grown so much, and change so much over the last two years. Our 14 year old grandson is now 6'3"!! And the youngest turns 6 next month.

For now, we are staying with our daughter and her family. It is a very full house, but full of love and hugs being given daily to all. All of our belongings are in storage. We will have a great holiday with all the kids and then, once school resumes in January, we will begin the search for a place to live. Our two NC daughters live about 2 hours apart, and we plan to look for something between the two places.

I have a couple of my hand projects with me, and as time permits, I work on them. I do have my Bernina here at the house, but I don't know if she'll see much use right now. I am downloading all of Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt, to sew it up once I am settled somewhere and reunited with all my stash. I also plan to sign up with Rachel Hauser for her 2022 BOM program which begins in January. I may start a few months late, but I am okay with that. I have really been missing sewing, so I think once I get settled, I will be sewing a lot to make up for lost time.

For now, I am just enjoying the family and the holidays. I miss my on line community, but I just got my computer here and set up, so I have to catch up with everyone I follow. I will check in from time to time and let you know how things are going, and if any sewing happens, of course I will share.

Have a peaceful solstice my friends, and a very Merry Christmas. I wish you joy!