Tuesday, November 21, 2017

What Was in Box Number 3?

So I know I should have posted this over the weekend since box #3 arrived Friday, but I have been busy. Anyway, I am here now to show you what was in the box of fun.

 These cute Lucy tunics were in the box. I know I already blogged them.
 Miss N has already worn one and it is as cute as I imagined it would be.
This blouse for my daughter was also in the box. I already blogged that too. But I also had a couple of other things in the box. I couldn't just send goodies to the girls. I had to come up with something for the boys.
 So I made another shirt for V. I got this fabric on sale and I extended the body of the shirt as well as the sleeves so it would fit better. It's a good pattern from Oliver + S, but the shirt was too short for him.
I ordered the buttons from Amazon
This is B's shirt. Made from Two Charley Harper prints in my stash

I didn't have enough of either one to do the whole shirt.
This is the back of V's shirt. My computer is giving me fits today trying to write this post.
This is the last dress for N...for now. It is the Geranium dress with long sleeve, made from a knit fabric.

 And here are the buttons up the back. I also used an extended waist on this dress. It really changes the look of the dress.
Not in the box, but just finished, are the Christmas ornaments for the Grandchildren. I found this tutorial on line last year and bookmarked it. These are Scandinavian stars. Just google it. Not hard to make. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I will be back here soon.

Friday, November 10, 2017

My Beatrix Obsession

I think I have an obsession. Maybe more than one, but let's focus on this one for now. The Beatrix blouse pattern by Rae Hoekstra of Made By Rae. I searched for and found this pattern last spring. I was looking for something to make for myself that fit my style at this point in my life. When you are 60 and go shopping for clothes it is rough. I don't fit the younger look any more and I don't feel like an old lady just yet. Then I found Beatrix. I made 3 for myself, blogged here. Then, I wanted to know if I could make one without buttons up the back. And I can! I have now made two of them. This is the latest one:
 I found a new to me fabric shop called Imagine Gnats, through Rachel Hauser's blog, Stitched In Color. When I went to see what she had, I was wowed by this fabric. It is a Lawn, made by Alison Glass. I had never seen it before and I just had to get it.
 I did not buy it for myself. My daughter needs a couple of new tops for work and this one really seems like her style. It is a soft and lovely fabric with great drape to it. I sewed it without buttons up the back and sewed all the seams flat fell so there would be no raveling. This is the second one I have made with this technique and it seems to work well since the fabric is so thin.
 Strategic pattern placement helped to get the look I was going for. The navy top about the shoulders and the aqua closer to the hemline.
 I had a 5 inch wide piece left that actually ran edge to edge and decided to make a small scarf she can use to accessorize or she can wear it with something else. It is also soft and flowing.
So can you see why I am obsessed with this pattern? It is also very well written and easy to follow. Enjoy your weekend and I'll talk to you soon.
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