Thursday, April 13, 2023

Searching for Me

 I am once again home. I have been going between my daughter's house and mine for the last 2 1/2 months. We are done there, she is moved closer to us now. Hopefully the healing can truly begin. For me, that means finding my new normal...again. My sewing room waits for me. Quiet. Projects stopped in time. I am waiting for motivation to come to me. I am trying to be patient, knowing it will come.

While I was traveling back and forth, I carried hand projects with me. I had crochet and embroidery to work on as time permitted. Here is a little of what I worked on.

I'm sure many of you have seen these embroidery sheets from Lecien. They are available many places. Snuggly Monkey has them, although every time she gets them in stock, they sell out super fast.
These are the 100 Ladies. Each one is a line drawing that you can "dress" with embroidery. Or you could use colored pencils or fabric scraps.
For me, it remidns me of when I was young and we played with paper dolls all the time. I love deciding how to dress my ladies.
Each time I do one, it becomes my favorite one...until the next one comes along.
I usually pick out one of the ladies, and then I just look at her until inspiration strikes. Many times I start with color, but sometimes I have a style of dress in mind.
I have to say that so far, this one is my most favorite of all. She was just a line drawing with no dress shape at all. There are several of those.

So this is helping me keep creatively busy while I transition to my new normal. I have one other thing that keeps me busy.

This is Jon Snow. He is my daughter's cat and he is living with us for now. It took him about a week to acclimate here, but now, as you can tell, he is King of the castle.
And he likes to steal my chair. But he is sweet. And after two weeks we are getting used to each other. My last post that I made about quilting was January 12. I hope that the next time I am here in this space, I will be back to sewing again. Have a good week.