Thursday, August 27, 2020

Two Finished Tops

 Well, I have buckled down and finished two quilt tops in the last couple of days. One of them has been lying around since about February I think. The other was one of those that I got a bee in my bonnet to do so I did it in a couple of weeks time.

This was where I left off with this one. I call it my Heather Ross quilt because of the rose prints. I had enough to make 18 of each color. I did two different layouts and asked my IG followers for advice.

This one was the unanimous choice. So I stacked them up in order, put them in a project box and that was it until this week.

Here is the finished top. It took me two days to get this put together. I am so easily distracted these days, and I kept getting up and walking away, but now it's done.

I had just enough of the fabrics left to give it a small border, which I think it needed. It is about 42 inches square. So now it will sit a bit until I get a backing and am ready to baste for quilting.

The other quilt top I finished was the one from No Scrap Left behind. I really wanted that one finished so I can start to plan how I want to quilt it.

I had all these strip sets (72) to attach to a larger rectangle. I normally don't pin much, but I needed these to come together perfectly so the blocks would match up when they were finished.
This is one of the completed blocks. Half of them had a blue center, and half of them had a pink center.
And here is the completed top. I am proud to say that all the strips came from my scrap stash. I only cut into yardage for the large rectangles.
The pink rectangles, you may notice are different shades of pink. They are from the original V and Co. ombre line of fabric. This chunk has been in my stash for about 5 years I think.

So now that I have two tops done, I am back to working on my Dear Dottie quilt top. I have about 50 more curved pieces to assemble, then I can make the 4 patch pieces. After that, it's lay out time and I have a map for that from Rachel. It's all based on color value. So, easy peasy.

I will talk to you soon and have more progress shots.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

More Quilts In Progress

 So now I am here to talk about my other two quilts in progress. The first on is my Dear Dottie quilt. This is the second Dear Dottie I am making from Rachel Hauser's pattern. It is all about the curves.

My first version was scrappy. This time, I wanted to make a larger quilt and control the colors a bit. Theses four stacks represent the colors I am using for this version of the quilt. It has been "resting" in a project box for a bit. I have been struggling a bit to stay engaged with some of my projects. I have had days where I don't feel like sewing. I have now made myself a goal to finish the quilt tops I am working on. Then, I will baste them and quilt them, all one after another.

These are blocks for what I am thinking of as my Heather Ross quilt. For some reason, these early pictures are the only ones on my computer right now. I know there are more somewhere.
I have already sewn these into blocks and they are about 6 1/2 inches square. I have enough of them to make a small quilt. I have started putting them into rows with some that have a different fabric background, alternating the two backgrounds.

I think I have one row together, since it's been awhile since I have pulled them out of their box. I hope to be getting to them soon, and I will take more pictures for my next showing of them.

Aside from sewing quilts, I am crocheting another blanket for my granddaughter, embroidering a sample, working on a small EPP project and painting rocks. What, you haven't heard of rock painting?

                               This is my gingham rock.
                       Mandalas and gingham
                        Autumn leaves

And my sea urchin. I love painting and rocks give me a small canvas that can be completed in one sitting. It is daily gratification. I will talk to you soon.

Did You Miss Me?

 I knew I hadn't posted in awhile. I was surprised to see it had been so long though. I am still chugging through my days here. We started walking in the mornings before my husband leaves for work. We are up to 2 miles a day, and will probably not add distance any longer, but are aiming for a little bit of speed. It has been 3 weeks now, and that's about how long since I have been here, so that's my excuse. Lol.

I still sew almost every day, even if it's only a little bit. I have 4 different quilts under construction right now. The first is my Penny Sampler Club quilt. This is a year long project.

This is the Bridges block. I decided to use the Ombre Bloom fabric that I used for the Hanging Diamonds block. I thought It might add some continuity. These are the only two blocks with this fabric in them. The other August blocks are the small square penny candy blocks. When I went to pull fabrics for them, I discovered that I did not have enough background fabric for them, so I am waiting for my Kona Lake fabric to arrive. Those may become September blocks.

The second quilt I am working on is my version of Amanda Jean's Scrap Happy Rails from her book No Scrap Left Behind. I saw that someone had posted theirs on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and I was instantly smitten and had to start one. Funny thing though, I just looked at their quilt and figured out how to make it, before I even realized that it was Amanda Jean's. As soon as I finally noticed the one hashtag, I laughed and got my copy of the book out to look it up. So much easier than doing all the math.

I got out my red, blue, green, yellow, and teal scrap bins and cut all of the strips for the quilt in a couple of sessions. Then I worked on my strip sets and cutting them to size. Yesterday, I attached all the strip sets to the large piece, making my 36 blocks. I have my layout done and will start sewing them together today.

I will take pictures as I go, so I can share that with you soon. I will be back to discuss my other quilts in progress. Have a good Tuesday.

Monday, August 3, 2020

A Fall Quilt...Yes, Already

So I finished a fall quilt this week for my middle daughter. I had fabric that had been sitting around for a number of years. She loves fall colors so here it is.
Once again, re-ordered by blogger, but I am tired of fighting it, so we'll just go with this. Top shot is washed and dried to a crinkly goodness, as I like all my quilts.
The colors on this one are a bit faded for some reason, but I really just wanted to show you the first attempt a a wavy line quilting.
Here is the pieced back. These fabrics have been in my stash for more that 10 years and I am so glad to have found a use for them.
                                   Wavy lines in progress.
These are just shots of the whole thing. It is just lap size, about 56 x 45 but good enough for a snuggle on the couch to watch TV.

And that is it for this week. I still have several projects in process, but I am trying to decide what I want to work on. My focus is a bit off, but maybe by tomorrow I will have some direction. Talk to you soon.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Making Garden Aprons

Sometimes I see a fabric that I must have. That happened to me this week when I saw a post by Thimbleanna. She shared a small shot of a quilt she is working on for her niece's wedding. The fabric, I had never seen before was a year or two old. But I immediately thought of my daughter who has become quite the gardener during this pandemic. I knew I need to make her something with it, so I scoured the internet and found someone who had some for sale. I bought two yards with no real plan in mind. Until my husband said how about a gardening apron.

I have had a few yards of different Liberty of London fabrics in my stash for a few years, so I decided to use them for pockets. This is the picture of Miss N's apron. I needed to make her one just like her Momma's.
I made a pocket on the bib of my daughter's apron with a Velcro tab to hold her phone. She often chats while she is outside and I didn't want her to bend over and have it fall out of the pocket. Many features of these aprons came up as I was making them.
The three compartment pocket along the bottom for seeds or any little things that need pocketing.
A loop, made with twill tape covered in Liberty, for the scissors that she needs to carry for clipping things.
The bib pocket on Miss N's so she is just like her Momma. The neck strap and ties are both made of the twill tape I had on hand from another project.

Miss N knew this one was hers because the pockets were pink, which is her favorite color.
And here they are in their new gardening aprons, ready to weed, plant, water, and whatever else needs doing in the garden. Such a fun project and my first use of my Liberty. I want to think of another use for it now that I've dipped into it. Happy Sunday to you.