Wednesday, December 20, 2017

My Penny Sampler is Done!!

I have finished the 12 month long version of the Penny Sample Quilt Class with Rachel of Stitched in Color. This was the best class ever! The 12 month pace was the perfect pace for me, even with a move in the first quarter of the year. I was able to stay caught up and I learned so much from this class, which was my hope and goal for taking it. Lots of pictures now.
 This is the whole quilt top. As you can see, many different components make up the top. Along with that, lots of techniques. There is applique, piecing and machine paper piecing.
 The color pallet I chose was not as subdued as some I have seen on line, but this is more to my style. I am extremely happy with the way it turned out.
 I have some favorite components, but I love them all. The vase of flowers in the gold background above is one of my favorites. Also, the diamonds on the bottom. Both were machine paper pieced. A technique I have been wanting to learn. Not my cup of tea, but at least now I can do it and I might again some time.
 The paper piecing does give such crisp edges and points that meet where they are supposed to meet.
 I still need to do the eyes on the Dala horses. I decided I would do those by hand instead of machine. They are way too small and fiddly for me.
 The hanging diamonds are another fave as is the red ribbon block above. This quilt has so much to look at, doesn't it?

 The strip of fabric down the right side here is from one of Jeni Baker's collections. It is all one piece and I am so happy with how it works in this spot. The colors work and the stripes look like they were made for this quilt.
So next up, is the quilting of this big thing. I am planning to hand quilt it with Pearl cotton. I have decided that there are just too many different things going on here to do it any other way.
 Each section will lead me as to what it needs. I do not intend to over do it, but enough quilting to accentuate certain elements and stabilize the quilt. I put too much into it not to do it right.
So, a year in the making and now, on to quilting. Will it take another year? I don't know. I have the fabrics for the backing and I hope to have it pin basted and started before the end of the year. I will keep you up to date. I plan to link this up on Friday with Crazy Mom Quilts.

Friday, December 15, 2017

A Quilt Full of Hugs

Well, I finished my hugs quilt today. It took me almost two weeks, but at least 3 of those days were no sewing days, so they don't count. My friend will receive her quilt this weekend when I see her, and it is a surprise. So, here it is:

 I used all fabrics from my stash for the top. I googled X quilt block to get dimensions and then I just cut and cut and then chain pieced for days to make this 63 inch square throw quilt.
 I know there are parts where there is less definition between fabrics, but up close, it's a beauty.
 The back is all pink, a fabric I picked up at Joann. I just really didn't want to take the time to piece the back for this one. I wanted it done and in her hands.

 The red binding goes well with both sides and frames the quilt up nicely. I have had that in my stash for years and am glad it found a home.
 I used a cookie cutter to trace a heart in the center and then quilted hearts one inch apart from there outward. It does lose some of the definition, but I still love it.
Quilt inspector Pouncer came by to put her paw of approval on the quilt. She knows a good one when she feels it.
       Got my label and I wrote the date with a micron pen on the back.
 And now it's ready to be gifted and I am happy to have it complete. Now, on to my December Penny Sampler Quilt lesson. I have to finish that so I can put that year long project together. I have decided to hand quilt it, so that may take awhile. Don't worry, I will have lots of other projects going on to show you while I hand quilt. Have a great weekend. Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts

Thursday, December 7, 2017

I Am, Therefore, I Sew

I cannot imagine not sewing. I do it as much as I breathe or eat, to live. My creativity is a part of me, so very deep. And I enjoy blogging about my sewing. I love reading blogs, more than looking at instagram, because I want to see the story behind the quilt. That is always interesting to me. Bloggers who have a story to tell, rather than just "I made this." Today's blog certainly has a story to tell.

It started with a stack of fabrics, reds and pinks, the recipient's favorite colors. I like to use favorite colors when I can. I have made quilts like this before. A tragedy occurs and I know there is really nothing I can do. I can't change things and I am not close enough, either geographically or otherwise, to be of much help. So I do what many of us do, I make a quilt.

I have made them before and I am sure I will again. They are for the sick, the survivors, or the ones left behind. I have done all of these. I spend every moment stitching love and hope into my creations.

 I chose reds and pinks for this one and I used my go to pattern, the X quilt, or Hugs as some may know it. There is nothing more appropriate for someone who is sick or grieving.
 I have been sewing these blocks for 5 days now, well, cutting and then sewing. I needed 196 of the squares, so I would have 4 per block. These are easy to chain stitch, but it is the volume that gets you.
           There are hearts, flowers and kitties.
           And of course, there is true love.
           And a few bunnies. My recipient loves bunnies.
And so now I have 49 Hugs blocks to stitch together, back, quilt, and bind. I hope to have it done in another week. I used to be able to get a quilt like this done faster, but I am not as young as I used to be. I will be back to share a finish soon. I also have some secret Christmas sewing to show you, soon, very soon.