Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Stuff

Just a quick drop by to share a couple of things. First, a finished quilt top:

 I made this for Miss N. I have lots of time to quilt it, since she will be in a crib for quite some time.
 I do love the mermaids and the water lillies. This is all organic fabrics.
 And next, I am cleaning up my scrap bins. This is what they look like now, all sorted by color. They don't get used much though. So I read on a blog recently about cutting them to usable sizes.
So I am. I am cutting into 5", 3.5", 2.5" squares and 2.5 " strips. This is the result.  5 bins done, 8 to go.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Geranium Dress x 2

I wanted to make some baby girl things, besides quilts. I know I'm late to the party, but I just got this baby granddaughter recently. Rae Hoekstra's Geranium Dress pattern is the best! There are several modifications included and you can make it look like a totally different dress with the different options and fabric choices. Here is what I did so far:
 My daughter requested the shorter version that is more like a top than a dress, since Baby N will be scooting and crawling this summer. A dress would not be practical. She said they would be very cute with bloomers. Okay, Google bloomers...found a pattern by Heather Ross in a book I happen to own.
 Perfect. The bloomers call for shirring around the legs. Never done that and was kinda scared actually. Googled shirring...perfect, a tutorial by Rae. I am now a cautious fan of shirring. It still makes me nervous until I am all the way around., but her tutorial is great!
 I found this awesome fabric by Sarah Jane called Sommer. I love the water color gingham.
 The tulip and bunny print doesn't have many bunnies. They are spaced very far apart, but that is part of the charm. After I bought this at my LQS,  I found a couple of fat quarters in pink, which I didn't know existed, and since that was all they had left, I bought that too. A little fussy cutting for the pocket.
                                   How sweet is this pocket? I love the bunnies.
               And then with no bunnies left, just tulips for the other pocket.
 And when you put the bloomers with the matching tops, it looks different, but still really cute. It's like having 4 outfits.
 And now, we are ready for summer. Thanks to Rae for such a great pattern, and Heather Ross for the easiest bloomer pattern ever. Talk to you soon.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Ticker Tape Parade

When the Sunday Morning Quilts book came out, I poured over it again and again. I loved the Ticker Tape quilt. I decided to make some, smaller mini ticker tapes, in specific colorways. I made these over a couple of months, and then did nothing with them...until now.
 I used lots and lots of scraps. There's one in here from my very first quilt.
 This is the only one I ended up making in a different shape. Guess I didn't like the shape much?
 I love looking at all these small bits of old projects. I had some great fabrics.
 It's also a great reminder of all the projects that have gone before. I don't think I could do a large quilt of these.
This was my very first one. Yellow is my favorite color. My computer is rearranging them for me, this was supposed to be at the top.
 Ah, purple...most of these are pretty old scraps. I don't have much purple in my stash these days.
And this is what I finally did with all of them. I love seeing them up there every day. So get inspired and do something with all those scraps. This project is easy! Talk to you soon.