Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Hurry Up and Wait

Getting ready to move is tough. You have your list of things to do, and your timeline for getting them done. But when you don't work, it's hard to pace yourself. The sense of urgency isn't quite the same. That's kind of where I am right now. Some things are packed, that won't be needed until well after the move. Some things can't be packed until closer to the move.

This is the beginning of the packing in my sewing room. These boxes are all full of fabric and scraps. I started packing in there to have something to do that felt like moving forward. I wanted to take my time and pack things logically as well. I also wanted to keep myself from starting any more projects before the move. But let's be honest, my mind is in such a dither, I couldn't concentrate on sewing right now if I had to.

So, instead I am working on hand projects and reading and watching HGTV a lot. If I go ahead and pack quickly now, I will be sitting in a sea of boxes, just waiting. That doesn't sound like fun to me.


                           So I work on my hexie project...

And I work on my crochet project...getting quite a stack for both of them.

I have 15 of the crocheted blocks with their outside neutral part on them. Waiting for more yarn to arrive so I can do the other 30. Not sure how many blocks I will do, but once I run out of enough of my scrap yarns, I will probably stop. That's about all that's going on here right now. I hope you all are well and keeping busy crafting. That's really what life is all about :)

I hope to talk to you again soon.