Monday, February 28, 2022

An Interesting Thing

 So, we have been in our place for almost 3 weeks now. We are happy with our choice of this place to live and are settling in. For much of January I was chomping at the bit to sew on my machine. I could not wait to get set up somewhere. I now have the almost perfect set up. (almost because nothing is ever perfect) But...I am having trouble finding my groove. I feel so much more drawn to the hand works I have been doing these last couple of months.

Mostly I am stitching on this Dropcloth Sampler. I have really been enjoying learning, or in some cases relearning these stitches.

This is the Schoolhouse Sampler from Dropcloth Samplers. It's getting close to finished now and I do have another one already to go when I finish this.

I also signed up for Rachel Hauser's Pas de Deux block of the month for 2022. I knew I would be starting it late, but I am almost done with January and I am hoping to get February done this week. Just in time for March's release. Lol
I taught my 14 year old grandson how to bake muffins last week. He did a great job! They were very tasty.
And of course I promised the littles some pink marshmallows for Valentine's day. Heart shaped of course.
I also signed up for Gigi's Thimble Perfect Pineapple block. We are supposed to be making a block a week for 36 weeks. I need to get two more done to be caught up on this one. Here's hoping.

And of course this crocheted blanket is still going on. I only need 17 more blocks to have enough to put it all together. So very close. 

So the plan is, to start sewing today and see how much I can get done. I am hoping that if I plan this as a sewing only day, I will get in gear and maybe start to get back in the groove. I also am hoping that I can get back to blogging, especially since there are so many projects to talk about.

See you soon.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Long Time No See

 Man, this moving thing isn't for the feint of heart. It seems to just go on and on. To be fair, we did actually move twice; once to my daughter's house and once to our apartment. We are still getting settled in, and will finally be getting the last of our stuff from California next week. 

The sewing room is set up now. I have actually done some sewing. Let's take  look, shall we?

First, there is this beautiful antique quilt rack that my daughters bought me as an early mother's day gift. I truly need a place to display some of my quilts and this fits the bill perfectly.

I have my ironing station set up here. I hung my favorite spools quilt above it. I had it hanging in my old quilting room in our house, but haven't really seen it in awhile. Now that I have the space, I happily hung it on the wall.
My second Penny Sample quilt found a place on a wall in the sewing room too. It's her first time bein hung up.
I set up my wooden crate shelves along  wall and added some smaller quilts above it. The shelves are still messy, but getting more organized every day.
Here is the sewing desk. I absolutely love being able to display my Kingfisher Quilt above it.
And just this week I removed the bridge table I was using for the computer and replaced it with this little cutie from Wayfair. It's a perfect size for just the computer. I do have my design wall up, but forgot to take a picture. It's sew nice to have this all set up again.

It has been 5 years since we have had a space all our own. I am enjoying this more than I anticipated.


I got out the rest of the magnetic butterflies that I bought while at my daughter's house and did a little "decorating".
This is the air return for the HVAC system. A metal cover in our living room. This is a perfect way to make it pretty.
And a few leftovers went on the fridge door. These are so pretty, I can hardly get enough of them.

And lastly, a North Carolina sunrise from a few weeks ago when we went to visit our other daughter near Charlotte NC. A cold winter sunrise, but so beautiful.

See you soon with my current projects.