Saturday, January 19, 2019

Firefly Finish

I bought the pattern for the firefly quilt this summer. Only the second ever solids quilt I've made, but oh so striking. I just couldn't resist. You know, we don't have fireflies here in California like we did in the midwest and back east. I never knew that before I moved here.
 Last weekend was all pin basting. I wanted to get that part done because crawling around on the floor is the toughest part for me anymore.
I figured once that was done I could take my time with the quilting. But seriously, this went so quickly. I began on Saturday and I think it was done on Tuesday.

Here is the finished quilt. All crinkly from the dryer, this will be going to my oldest grandson, V. At age 12 I am thrilled he still wants a new quilt for his bed. I know enough about pre-teens to know that may not always be the case.
 I quilted with a large stipple and a few loops here and there. I also added random asterix here and there to simulate the blinking of the fireflies. I used a bright lime green Isacord thread for the quilting.
The backing is a blue cross weave I got from Pineapple Fabrics. It was a three yard cut of 108 inch backing that I used on another quilt, and had just enough to piece together the backing for this one.
And of course, one of my new labels from Dutch Label Shop to finish it off. It is now winging it's way across the US to V. I can't wait until he gets it.
One of my many "next" projects is another 36 patch quilt. I made one about 7-8 years ago with Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts and I still love it so much. I have always wanted to make another one, so I started, with no deadline in mind. I am going to use all my most favorite fabrics for this one, instead of scraps. I have already chosen some Heather Ross and some Sweetwater to begin. Because one cannot have enough in progress projects, right?
Happy weekend friends.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

What's Up?

I have almost sat down to write a post here several times in the last week or two. I am finding it hard to stay motivated in that vein. I either don't have the photos I need and don't feel like taking them or would rather do other things. I need to get organized here people. I really do want to blog. So, what am I up to?
 Well, I finished crocheting this lovely blanket. This is the Summer Ripple blanket from Lucy at Attic 24. I chose to use the cotton yarn instead of the acrylic and I love the weight of it. It is wonderful on chilly nights and the colors really make my heart sing.
 This is my 100 Days 100 Blocks quilt, all sewn together. I finally cut a border and have it ready to attach so I can get it ready to quilt. My oldest daughter helped me to figure out this arrangement and I am loving it so much.
This is the beginning of the Bonnie Hunter Good Fortune mystery quilt. I made I think the first four weeks and then had to travel for the holidays and got behind. The last couple of blocks haven't gotten made yet. I became very frustrated with this project and decided to just forget it. But then I saw the final product on her blog and I love it. So, I downloaded all the rest of the steps and I will finish it after all...in my own sweet time. Getting rid of deadlines on this has helped me with my desire to finish it.
I am currently working with this lovely yarn to make the Sweet Pea blanket with the Attic 24 CAL group and loving the beauty of this. Crochet has become my evening go to project. And sometimes my during the day project while watching football on the weekends.

I have a list of projects for the coming year, and I am starting to make them happen. I will, hopefully be back very soon with some more shares of my work.

Have a lovely week.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Reset...it's 2019

Every year, we reset our lives. We make promises, resolutions, and wishes for the year ahead. This year is no different. Last year wasn't so bad. I did have to look through trees to see the forest, but it's there. I try to find gratitude whenever possible. If it was not for the hard times, how would we recognize the good times. We need that basis to compare and to appreciate. I have to remind myself of that often. This year, I have a few plans, but no real resolutions. I do have wishes, but most of those are for friends and family who could use some extra love and happiness this year. I am doing okay.
So I thought I would do a look back on this past year and see what I accomplished in my crafty, sewing world.
January's biggest finish was my Penny Sampler quilt which I spent all of 2016 working on. One section per month and it was quilted and bound in January of 2017.
 February was the month I finished my QAYG clam bake quilt that I started in 2015 while I was not working and doing my cancer battle.
It was also the month I fell in love with the Ombre Confetti Dot fabric from V and Co. This might just be my all time favorite fabric.
March was the month I made this sweet bird quilt, which now lives in my daughter's house.
April was the month I made two quilts for Hands 2 Help for a children's charity.
May was the month I made this quilt for my niece who lost her father rather suddenly. It is remarkable how interesting is the simple Churn Dash block.
 June was the month of the Kingfisher Quilt Along. I fell in love with hexies after thinking for years there was no way I would ever do that.
And I signed up for the 100 Blocks 100 Days quilt challenge. I finished them all, and have since added a border to the flimsy. This year it will be quilted.
July was the month I started the Firefly quilt. The flimsy is done and will also be quilted this year.
August was the continuation of many of the above projects and the addition of this small wall hanging for my sister. She has a teacup collection. This was a Christmas gift.
September saw more Christmas projects get started, including some of these tiny houses for a wall hanging for my daughter.
October was busy. I was gone the first week and had still lots of Christmas sewing to do, but it also saw the start of this quilt for a friend in great need.
November was full of Christmas sewing. There were ornaments to be made and gifts to finish and wrap.
 December saw the finish of this beauty, which was happily received and is being loved and enjoyed on a daily basis.
And the finish of this dress for Miss N for Christmas. We traveled to NC for Christmas this year and came home with a lovely pair of colds, so nothing is happening here until I feel better.
I also decided to join up with Bonnie Hunter for the Good Fortune Mystery quilt and now I am two weeks behind due to traveling. I hope to feel better in the next couple of days so I can work on catching up. But if not, it will just be a mystery a bit longer here.
I hope you had happy holidays and that you have an abundance of good in the new year.