Sunday, February 28, 2021

Sew It's Sunday

 I sew a bit every day. I still have not gained back my momentum for hours of sewing daily, but I chose the tiny houw project just to keep my hand in the game and it seems to be working.

This beauty is finally pin basted and ready to be quilted. And I have a quilting plan for it as well, so yay! I am waiting until I finish the tiny houses to start quilting it. I don't want to have to reset the machine every day, as I know that will put a wrench in my daily sewing.

This quilt top is also finished and the back is made. I don't have enough pins to pin baste it too, so I will wait until a bunch are out of the penny sampler to do the pin basting. I think I finally have a quilting plan that I like for this one. I doodled around on paper to come up with one.

And then there is this beauty. This is the Meadow Blanket CAL with Lucy of Attic 24. I am just starting on the borders for this and the colors are divine. I like crochet because I can do it anywhere and I can watch TV while doing it. Lucy's blankets are all just lovely.

Well, now I'm off to make tiny house number 90. This project is winding down. Can't wait to show you the whole thing. Have a lovely Sunday friends.

Friday, February 26, 2021

What's Going On Here?

 There are many projects and other things going on here. I go walking every morning for just over 2 miles, but that is the only time I leave the house pretty much. I go weeks without going anywhere at all. So in order to feel "normal" I have a routine. I have my tea, I make my bed, I have breakfast and then I sew for a bit. I bake, occasionally. I paint rocks,  do puzzles, crochet and embroidery. Not all of this every day, but it helps to have a routine.

The two images above are some of the embroidery I am doing for my daughter the gardener. I found a great book of embroideries of vegetables on Amazon.
I made a bunch of knit headbands at my daughter's request and she distributed them to friends and family. I am getting ready to do another batch of them soon.
I made dolly diapers for my granddaughter for all her babies and stuffies that she treats as babies. I used an unused flannel pillowcase and some velcro. The cute cutouts I stitched on them is to help her tell which is the front.
This is a 1500 piece puzzle my sister and I completed. A neighbor gifted it to us for Christmas to thank us for all the rocks we paint and put out in a basket for people to take if they want. We have done hundreds of them since we started last June.
And this is a new pillow cover I made for a throw pillow that lives on my bed. I love the 3-D circles on this one so much. I used some of my favorite pinks. So that brings us up to date on some of the many projects I am working on here. Have a great day.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Tiny House Update

 So I am still working on my Tiny Houses 100 Days project. I am getting very close to being finished though and I have to say I am still truly enjoying the process. I am actually looking forward to assembling the small quilt when I get all 100 houses done.

This is all the houses together on the design wall. There are 86 of them as of February 24. Only 14 more to go! The white house at the top doesn't count in the 100. I made it at the urging of my daughter, on Inauguration Day. But it will be included in the final project. Here are a few other houses:

These tiny houses measure 2 x 2.5 inches. I will be back to share the progress once they are done and sashing begins. Have a lovely Thursday friends.