Friday, February 26, 2021

What's Going On Here?

 There are many projects and other things going on here. I go walking every morning for just over 2 miles, but that is the only time I leave the house pretty much. I go weeks without going anywhere at all. So in order to feel "normal" I have a routine. I have my tea, I make my bed, I have breakfast and then I sew for a bit. I bake, occasionally. I paint rocks,  do puzzles, crochet and embroidery. Not all of this every day, but it helps to have a routine.

The two images above are some of the embroidery I am doing for my daughter the gardener. I found a great book of embroideries of vegetables on Amazon.
I made a bunch of knit headbands at my daughter's request and she distributed them to friends and family. I am getting ready to do another batch of them soon.
I made dolly diapers for my granddaughter for all her babies and stuffies that she treats as babies. I used an unused flannel pillowcase and some velcro. The cute cutouts I stitched on them is to help her tell which is the front.
This is a 1500 piece puzzle my sister and I completed. A neighbor gifted it to us for Christmas to thank us for all the rocks we paint and put out in a basket for people to take if they want. We have done hundreds of them since we started last June.
And this is a new pillow cover I made for a throw pillow that lives on my bed. I love the 3-D circles on this one so much. I used some of my favorite pinks. So that brings us up to date on some of the many projects I am working on here. Have a great day.

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  1. I agree with the importance of having a routine. to keep things sort of normal. I know it was a big help to us to have things planned to do each day.
    Lovely to see your projects. You must have quite a veggie garden by now for your daughter.


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