Monday, February 28, 2011

Quilting as a business

I have often thought about how cool it would be to do something quilt related as a business.  Maybe make quilts on commission, or work in a quilting store.  Maybe I could teach people how to quilt.  I still haven't decided if I will ever do any of those things, in part because I don't want something I love so much to become "work". 

In an effort to try out quilting as a career (sort of) I made a quilt for my sister a few years ago.  She had purchased a quilt that she loved, but failed to ask me or anyone who knew about quilts, how to clean it when that became necessary.  She "sent it to the cleaners" where she thought it would be safely cleaned.  It came back terribly faded.  When I saw it I thought it was just an antique quilt.  She nearly cried when she explained how vibrant the colors had been.  Wanting to help, I volunteered to make a new quilt in a similar style.

Since I am on the east coast and she is on the west coast, I asked her to send me measurements and photos.  Turns out it was a king size bed quilt!  Undaunted, I told her I would make her quilt for the cost of the materials.  I had wanted to do a quilt on commission, as well as some of the techniques involved in this one, but I didn't think I was a good enough quilter to pull it off and get paid for it.  So I didn't charge her for the labor of love.

Armed with my brand new Bernina machine, I began.  I also kept up a steady, if slow pace.  I reasoned that any future customer would want a quilt made in a reasonable amount of time.  I sent progress pictures as I went along.  I loved the experience and the joy the finished quilt brings to my sister every time she looks at it.

I still don't know if the business world of quilting is for me.  I guess time will tell.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Anyone who does any kind of crafting knows what UFO's are.  UnFinished Objects.  I have so many of these.  Some may never get done.  I have lost interest in seeing them completed.  Others I pick up and do a little on them, just to keep them moving forward.  Then, a new idea comes along and whoosh, I'm gone again in another direction.

I try to look at the reason for the UFO's.  Sometimes, there is just a small part of me that makes me want to do a project.  Maybe I'm not fully committed to it.  One thing for sure is if I really like something it is all I work on until it is done.  Some projects are just too big.  Sometimes, I need a deadline.  Like when I made quilts for my sisters.  When I commit to something like that, and I tell someone I'm doing it, I have to power through until it is done.

The heart quilt took me 4 years to finish, but I LOVE it!  So my goal for this year is to finish some of those UFO's from past years.  I have already done a few.  And with each one I complete, it gives me hope for the future of the others.

Monday, February 21, 2011

I want to find time....

I want to find the time to sew, bake, paint, crochet, cook.  All things I enjoy doing.  But life keeps getting in the way.  I have countless projects started.  My daughter is sending me links all the time with the subject line "We should make this".  It could be a new cookieor cake, a new salad or entree item or an adorable quilt.  Doesn't matter.

But there are not enough hours in a day when you also work 40 hours a week outside your home.  I am trying to find some me time for the things I like to do, but there are so many of them, that I find myself putting pressure on myself to do the things I enjoy.  Which cuts down on the joy just a bit.

So for now, I am going to do what I can and just try to enjoy it.