Sunday, August 2, 2020

Making Garden Aprons

Sometimes I see a fabric that I must have. That happened to me this week when I saw a post by Thimbleanna. She shared a small shot of a quilt she is working on for her niece's wedding. The fabric, I had never seen before was a year or two old. But I immediately thought of my daughter who has become quite the gardener during this pandemic. I knew I need to make her something with it, so I scoured the internet and found someone who had some for sale. I bought two yards with no real plan in mind. Until my husband said how about a gardening apron.

I have had a few yards of different Liberty of London fabrics in my stash for a few years, so I decided to use them for pockets. This is the picture of Miss N's apron. I needed to make her one just like her Momma's.
I made a pocket on the bib of my daughter's apron with a Velcro tab to hold her phone. She often chats while she is outside and I didn't want her to bend over and have it fall out of the pocket. Many features of these aprons came up as I was making them.
The three compartment pocket along the bottom for seeds or any little things that need pocketing.
A loop, made with twill tape covered in Liberty, for the scissors that she needs to carry for clipping things.
The bib pocket on Miss N's so she is just like her Momma. The neck strap and ties are both made of the twill tape I had on hand from another project.

Miss N knew this one was hers because the pockets were pink, which is her favorite color.
And here they are in their new gardening aprons, ready to weed, plant, water, and whatever else needs doing in the garden. Such a fun project and my first use of my Liberty. I want to think of another use for it now that I've dipped into it. Happy Sunday to you.

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  1. The aprons are adorable. It is great the way you personalised them for their needs.


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