Thursday, August 27, 2020

Two Finished Tops

 Well, I have buckled down and finished two quilt tops in the last couple of days. One of them has been lying around since about February I think. The other was one of those that I got a bee in my bonnet to do so I did it in a couple of weeks time.

This was where I left off with this one. I call it my Heather Ross quilt because of the rose prints. I had enough to make 18 of each color. I did two different layouts and asked my IG followers for advice.

This one was the unanimous choice. So I stacked them up in order, put them in a project box and that was it until this week.

Here is the finished top. It took me two days to get this put together. I am so easily distracted these days, and I kept getting up and walking away, but now it's done.

I had just enough of the fabrics left to give it a small border, which I think it needed. It is about 42 inches square. So now it will sit a bit until I get a backing and am ready to baste for quilting.

The other quilt top I finished was the one from No Scrap Left behind. I really wanted that one finished so I can start to plan how I want to quilt it.

I had all these strip sets (72) to attach to a larger rectangle. I normally don't pin much, but I needed these to come together perfectly so the blocks would match up when they were finished.
This is one of the completed blocks. Half of them had a blue center, and half of them had a pink center.
And here is the completed top. I am proud to say that all the strips came from my scrap stash. I only cut into yardage for the large rectangles.
The pink rectangles, you may notice are different shades of pink. They are from the original V and Co. ombre line of fabric. This chunk has been in my stash for about 5 years I think.

So now that I have two tops done, I am back to working on my Dear Dottie quilt top. I have about 50 more curved pieces to assemble, then I can make the 4 patch pieces. After that, it's lay out time and I have a map for that from Rachel. It's all based on color value. So, easy peasy.

I will talk to you soon and have more progress shots.

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  1. Well done getting these tops put together. Great results.
    Yes, it is hard to keep a focus on just one thing at the moment. But you made it through to get both tops done.


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