Monday, August 29, 2011

After the Storm

What a weekend.  So much destruction all up and down the coast.  Our beaches, our cities, our bridges, our homes.  We have been here before, during hurricane Fran.  I never knew before then, that a hurricane could cause so much damage inland.  So when they said Irene was coming I felt a bit of fear, deep down inside.  I didn't really acknowledge it.

Now we were lucky here in Chapel Hill.  Hardly any rain and wind for a few short hours, but it was scary.  We sat on our front porch for several hours and watched the wind blow the trees around.  Every time the wind began to gust, my husband would stand up and look and I would stop what I was doing and watch... until it stopped again.  I was sewing yo-yos for my yo-yo along.  I kept that up for about 3 hours straight.  It was a way to pass the time until it was over.  A way to calm the nerves.

I was able to sew almost 50 yo-yos during that time.  When it was over... this was all the damage:

a few leaves

one small branch

This was a far cry from the many trees of Fran's wrath.  The next morning, the light looked different from all the leaves that blew away.

But also because summer is almost gone.  Fall is around the corner now.  I hope that we don't have another weekend like this one. 

I also packed up my Bernina and took her to the shop for a tune up  It was way past time for it.  I will miss her and use this time to finish up some hand sewing that I need to do.  If all else fails I will make yo-yos.  I still have 685 left to do you know.  And she'll only be gone a week.
Bye.  See you soon.  And of course I have tons of ideas jumping in my brain right now to try, but I have to wait until my Bernina is home again.  Then we will create again.

Have a great week.


  1. So glad you fared well! We actually had more wind AFTER the rain left. And, the brunt came at night near Philadelphia, or we would have been watching too! Yes, let's hope that's it for the year!


  2. We didn't get any rain from the hurricane here! Not one single drop. I was actually a little disappointed. We saw some clouds and a little bit of wind, but that was it. Glad you guys didn't get anything serious!


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