Monday, August 22, 2011

And then there was one

So after some fast and furious sewing today, I decided to post about the great napkin project.  After seeing a post over a year ago on Purl Bee, my daughter thought she'd like to make a bunch of napkins to use at her wedding.  Afterwards, she could use them in her home.  We decided to do lots of different fabrics (because who can decide?) in sets of 4, 6, 8 and one set of 12 for Thanksgiving and such.

So we bought fabric every time we found some we thought would be good.  Now we had lots of fabric, but hardly any hemmed up and no idea if we had enough.  So we finally had a napkin cutting party and got them all cut to see what we had.  I think this was in late January.  I began hemming, a few here and there.  I had lots of time until October.  We simplified some of the ideas from decorative stitching to just plain hemming.  There were 97 napkins here folks!!

She took one set to top stitch with embroidery floss and the rest I had at my house.  There are 2 sets of 4 that are double sided with rick rack around the edges.  There is one set of 6 that she started to embroider a flowering vine on.  It was also double sided.  After 2 of those she was ready to give up.  They were taking way too long to finish.  I told her to leave them and I would see what I could do.
Now they are all done but one, and I have started the embroidery on it.  Should have it done in about a week, in between everything else and work.  I cannot begin to tell you the relief at having this so close to done.  As October looms, I am feeling the time crunch. 

I have other projects too, you see.  Like this one with Crazy Mom Quilts:
blocks all done, so I can breathe.
And I finished my August Birdie Stitches block.  So here I am, feeling pretty good about myself.  Uh oh, what's that?  V needs pants for the wedding...and he wants a bow tie too?  No sweat, Grammie can do that easy peasy.  There's a tutorial on Dana Made It for boy pants.  Here's the fabric:

A nice linen from Joann's...on sale too!  So I'll just be going now.  Got to draft a pattern and get sewing.  I am glad I never lack a project to whip together.  How boring would that be?  One last shot of those napkins....
Have a great week.

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