Monday, March 19, 2012

Bucket Brigade Number 2

Sew last year, I bought the Oliver + S book Little Things to Sew.  If you have little ones, either yours or grandchildren or nieces and nephews, this is a great book.  There are lots of things to make and the patterns are very detailed, great instructions and they look very professional when done.  I made 4 of the bucket hats last year for grandchildren and my great niece and a friend's little boy.  I was getting good at this pattern! You can see my first hats here.

My brother had requested a grown up sized bucket hat for the spring.  He is undergoing chemo, and his daughter and I had made him some warm hats for the winter months in Vermont where he lives.  It was not difficult to enlarge this pattern slightly to make one for his head.  Once his hair grows back, it may not fit, but for now I think it will do.  I am not going to show it to you today, as I want the fabric choice to be a surprise, but I have 3 more to share.

 Left to right: extra small, medium and large sizes.  Each takes 2-3 hours to complete.
 Extra small is for baby B who is due in June.  He is my newest grandson and I can't wait!  I made quilts for V and J out of this fabric a couple of years ago.
 Large is for Miss A, my great niece.  She is, I'm told a very girly girl and loves pink.  I added a hatband of pleated hearts to hers.  The band fabric is a jelly roll strip from Always and Forever by Deb Strain.
 The Medium hat is for my great nephew A.  Every boy needs a beach hat, right?  And lest you think these are simple little hats...they are REVERSIBLE!!!  Two hats in one!!
 That's right, here is the other side of each of those hats.  So when you make them, you get two for one.
Brims up!

Had fun putting them on my solar garden lights.

So cute.

So silly of me.
These are going in the mail this week.  Love you brother.  I'll share your hat after you get it.
Happy Sewing, Y'all.


  1. Great hats!
    I love the crab one!!

    1. Gill, thanks, that's Going Coastal that I bought for my birthday last year. A great fabric for hats.

  2. I love the bucket hats! they are so cute, I think they would look good on adults too, I am sure K will love his! Nice job Sis!

  3. Oh I love all your hats, especially the farm animals and crabs, too cuties. I've just finished making a black and white penguin cell phone quilt cover for my $15 Tracfone SVC phone for seniors to hang around my neck. I like the bigger buttons and letters on the screen and it costs me $7/month for service. When I wore my little penguin cover to my book club I was amazed at the girls reaction, they wanted me to make covers for their kindles and nooks and they wanted a penguin or frog or a cute animal on it. I'm now having so much fun making covers and enjoy the look on the ladies faces when they see their cover for the first time.

    1. Thank you Maria. It is a joy to give someone a handmade item and see their happy face isn't it?

  4. Congrats, I nominate you for the Liebster Blog Award. Please go to my blog to see what to do to accept at www.intheboondocks.blogspot.com I love your hats so wonderful.


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