Monday, April 29, 2013

I've Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day ...

What a gloomy Monday. It's rainy and cool and I had a dental appointment at 8 this morning. So when I got home, I needed some sunshine somehow!  I have been diligently working through a few projects and have finished several of them. My goal was to not start anything new until much progress was made. I have been doing good with this, but today, I had to step outside that box.  I needed the sunshine!

 I had recently pulled a bunch of scraps out of my yellow scrap bin and ironed them. My plan was to, at some point to begin sewing them together via the slab method from Sunday Morning Quilts. I had decided I needed a yellow quilt for myself.  Looking through those scraps is like a walk down memory lane of my quilting history. I cooed over many a scrap as I dug and pressed.
 But today I shoved the quilt for baby B aside, momentarily, and began matching up scraps and piecing them together. It's like putting together a puzzle, but there is no wrong way to do it. I have lots of sizes and shapes here to choose from. The only rule is no new fabric, just scraps.
 And then there is lots of trimming to get rid of minor imperfections and square up the sides before adding another piece of fabric.
And this is what is on my design wall now. There are several larger slabs and some small ones too. I stopped for lunch, but plan to keep going until I have one big slab. Then, I will back it, baste it and quilt it.  I still have a half full bin of yellow scraps, but I am saving those for another day.

 I still have all these strips to add to this one and all the pieces below.  So I think that will make a nice lap size quilt for me.
One more quick shot. This next picture is the progress on my Sunday Morning Quilts Bee quilt.  My Bee mates are helping me make the Gumdrops Quilt in aqua and orange. I will still have some strips to make to finish this, but it looks awesome already.

Hope you have a sunshine filled day. See you soon.

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