Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Best Blank-o-let

When my oldest grandson was a toddler, he had two almost identical baby blankets in blue, with the silky blanket binding.  They were so close to identical, but one was just a bit thinner. We made sure there were two, to avoid unpleasantness on wash day or if one got left behind somewhere. But V knew the difference between the two from a very early age.

 And when he could speak relatively well, he pronounced that the slightly thicker of the two was his "best blank-o-let".  Whenever he was going anywhere, it was "Where is my best blank-o-let?'
 He is almost 7 now and he still calls it his "best blank-o-let".  When I finally finished this light weight summer throw that I started last year, and I cuddled up under it the first night, I though "my best blank-o-let"!
 It's about 52x58 inches. It is made from Maturi Lawn that I bought from Connecting Threads last year.  Crazy Mom did a quilt with it, although she used it mixed with quilting cottons I believe.  I did what I often do, no real plan, just start cutting. I wanted to keep the pieces big so they would go together easily.
 It is a slippery fabric to work with, but oh, so soft! I didn't use batting, I went to my LQS and bought a couple of yards of quilter's flannel in white.  I pin basted it, then I turned the edges to the inside by 1/4 inch and hand basted them in place.
 I did some stitch in the ditch in big blocks and then did a zigzag around the edges to finish it off.  The back is kind of wrinkly. I have been sleeping with it since I finished it.  I haven't washed it yet either.
 It is the perfect weight for summer, when the ceiling fan makes me a little chilly in the middle of the night, but a quilt is too much.  You know what I mean, right?
 And it is so soft. I can't get over how great it feels.  I don't know if I will ever make another one, but I do have some Little Folks Voile in my stash...hmmmm.  I might have to think about that.
 But for now, I am just going to enjoy my best blank-o-let.
Talk to you soon.


  1. I love the colors! It looks perfect for snuggling up in. :O)

  2. Very pretty - I saw those lawn fabrics in the CT catalog and wanted to get some. I love the idea of making a summer weight "quilt" - great idea! And, a "blank-o-let" - gotta love kid-isms! We wrote down all of those cute things our daughter used to say so we wouldn't forget - too cute! o:)

  3. Such a pretty quilt and I love the flannel backing! I love Little Folks voile:) I think you should go for it!

    Hey if you are in the NC area check this out! http://joyineverythingthruhim.blogspot.com/2013/05/quilt-shop-hop-want-to-join.html

  4. and pretty it is Charlotte..like the one below too...ps... are you in put your stamp on it?
    just a reminder if you are...need a button


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