Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Ragged Squares Quilt

Ever since I saw the ragged squares quilt on Crazy Mom Quilts, I wanted to make one.  I saved the link and looked at it occasionally, waiting for the day when I would be inspired by the right fabric to make one.  When I made Noodlehead's divided basket last fall, I had some little 3 inch squares of Laurie Wisbrun's Perfectly Perched left over.  Not throwing these away, I thought. I kept looking at them and then it hit me...the ragged squares quilt!

And finally, here it is all done. I used the Perfectly Perched for the center and dug through my stash for the rest.  I think I bought one or two additional fabrics to finish it up.  And then it hung on a hanger in my sewing room for a few months.  My summer goal to finish some of the things that are languishing in there made me buy batting when I bought the batting for Baby B's birthday quilt.

 I love the colors in this quilt. It is so bright and cheerful. Kinda girly, but I'm okay with that.
 You can see how after even one trip through the wash, The edges are getting ragged and soft.

 For the back I found 2 yards of the most beautiful pale yellow with pale green and raspberry stripe running through it to make a sort of plaid pattern.  I bought that fabric at least 10 years ago, waiting for the perfect use for it. It is from Maywood studios.
 You can see the color a bit better here.  The stripe for the binding was a quarter yard I got in one of the traveling stash boxes.  I think it's perfect.  For the quilting, I stitched in the ditch horizontally and vertically on the largest squares, and to further anchor things and add some interest, I stitched a flower  in each of the small squares. The hidden bonus is how cute it looks on the back of the quilt.
 I took one selvedge and stuck it into a seam just for kicks.  The P raveled off in the wash.  Ooops.

Pretty pleased with Perfectly Perched Ragged Squares.  Oh, and this is my 195th post.  I'm going do a giveaway when I hit 200 posts. I want to think of something really great to give away though.  Keep watching.  Have a great week.


  1. What a great use of these squares. Lovely quilt.

  2. What a fun and colorful quilt! I love when things come together like that - perfect binding, the backing - all perfect!


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