Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday, Monday...

It's been kind of slow going over here lately. I've had 15 minutes here and 30 minutes there, and the occasional hour or two. Truth be told, I haven't really pushed too hard to get more time. Sometimes quilts just need to come along in their own sweet time and rushing makes for a less than satisfactory finish.  So here is an update on what I am up to.

 I finally started quilting my Gumdrops quilt from my Sunday Morning Quilts Bee.  The quilting isn't too difficult, really. My machine was having some hiccups though.
 I had to change the needle, the thread broke, the bobbin thread got changed out when I thought that was the issue. I dusted and oiled it and dusted it again. I thought I would never get the lines over the gumdrops done.
 But I did and now am on to the meandering stitching in the white background. So far, so good and no more problems with the machine.
 I decided to use this wonderful chunk of Loulouthi I had been saving (for Lord only knows what) and I didn't want to cut it up. I had made a pillow out of a piece of it awhile back. The size is absolutely perfect for this quilt.
 I am very happy with the way the stitching looks on the back. It doesn't really detract from the wonderful flowery print.
 I saw these on line somewhere and coveted them. When I was at the hardware store yesterday I saw them.  So I grabbed a 6 pack of them. They are a historic limited edition of the original Ball canning jars.
              I am in love with the colors and am looking for items to fill them with.
 This is also in my sewing room now. I finally got some sand and put it in my trifle bowl, which I never used, and put my seashells from my recent visit to the west coast in it.

 I added a few I already had. They were jus sitting in a can and a jar anyway.  I love it.
                                      Another shot of the Ball Jars.
 This is a quilt I have recently started for my youngest sister.  This is Laurie Wisbrun's Holiday Tweets. I wanted to use this because of the Cardinal's in these prints.  It is slow going to figure out the perfect layout. I have long wanted to do stars like this.
I am only using a few prints from the line. My sister is not a computer person, so I know she won't see this, but just in case, my other sister shouldn't show her. It's a surprise.  Hope you have a good day and a great week. I hope to have more progress to show you soon, as I have 3 more quilt tops done and waiting to be quilted.

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