Saturday, August 17, 2013

Studio Spotlight-Linking Up with Ellison Lane

Jennifer at Ellison Lane has been having a Studio Spotlight party this week. We have seen some amazing spaces and some great uses of small and shared spaces. Now, I am linking up my studio space here today.  If you have not visited any of the spaces, go look, and be inspired. In full disclosure I did not tidy up a thing for these pictures. This is the real deal.

 This is where my scraps and older fabrics live. Scraps above and larger pieces of mostly older fabrics below, somewhat sorted into color groups.
                      Books on the bottom. The other two shelves need some organization.
A bit dark, but this is my main machine. I also have a Singer featherweight that was my grandmother's. It needs a tune up to be usable.
                              My sewing table is a trestle style desk from Target.
 Books on the bottom and newer fabrics all folded neatly. I used Jeni Baker's fabric folding method for this. I try to fold all new acquisitions now and put them here. I love the method for any cut up to a yard. She has a video if you want to see. Search her blog, In Color Order.
 A very busy wall and my fold down cutting table from IKEA. Underneath it is an old coffee table full of magazines and fabric and stuff.
                               My design wall is an old flannel sheet hung up with tacks.
 This piece in the corner is newly relocated to hold sewing patterns and other notions in the drawers. The wardrobe side has quilt tops on hangers that are waiting to be quilted and my table cloths as well. This piece I refinished a couple of years ago. It was a baby wardrobe that was my husband's as a baby.
One of the most special things in my sewing room is the photos of my Granny and her sisters. I sometimes talk to her when I am sewing. I like to think she is always with me.

If you want to see what my sewing room looked like two years ago when I first moved everything in there, I blogged about it here.

Thanks again to Jennifer at Ellison Lane for this fabulous series.


  1. Your space is bright and colorful and I love it! I have an old wardrobe similar to the one you have. I was my husbands grandmothers. I would LOVE to paint it and move it into my sewing room for fabric storage but my MIL would have a cow if I did anything to it. Right now it's just crummy looking.

  2. So glad you enjoyed the series and shared your space with us. Lots to love in there!

  3. I've been enjoying the Studio Spotlights all week! So glad to see yours! I love seeing where my bloggy friends work - I can now picture you in your space working away, while I'm working in mine. I love the photos of your Granny. My Gram raised me and lived with us the last 8 years of her life. I was so grateful to have all of that time with her and I, too, feel like she's with me always. Hugs!

  4. A lovely sewing space! I can see you spending happy hours in here..
    Amira @ http://littlemushroomcap.blogspot.com

  5. Thank you for sharing your space with us on tour this week. Your fabric stash is amazing!

  6. I love your studio -- it looks so inviting!

  7. Great refurb of the baby wardrobe!!!!!!

  8. great space and i love your folded up fabric! so pretty!

  9. Very nice space. I understand your talking to your granny since I sometimes have conversations with my mom and grandmother. They taught me how to sew and quilt and were always very supportive, so it's nice to think of them when I sew. I still have some of their fabric, buttons and notions, so in a sense they are. You've really made your space into a little heavenly loft.


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