Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Lots of things in progress here at GrammieQ's place. I have only one week to sew my fingers to the bone before I go back to work. With the top to my MSBHQAL finished and waiting to be able to get some fabric for the back, it is full speed ahead with other projects.  Here we go:

 I put together another set of the HSTs that I have and am loving the way this is looking. There are only going to be enough for a large pillow, so that is the direction I am going. This is two of the four sections done. Any extra few I have I will work into the back of the pillow design.
 This hunk of loveliness is called Floral Fancy by Swirly Girls for Michael Miller. I saw it in the Hancocks of Paducah catalog. I ended up going on line and getting it elsewhere, since I am not happy with Hancocks service. I am making a table cloth from it. My sister has a beautiful table cloth and napkins that she bought in Italy, and this design, while brighter, reminds me so much of that one. What do you think, sis?
 This lovely AMH flannel has been sitting in my sewing room for almost 2 years waiting for me to make some PJ bottoms for my oldest daughter. I finally cut them out, using a tracing I did of some existing PJ pants.  I think I will sew up the seams and have her come for a fitting before I finish them off.
 This is the biggest project of the week. A quilt for my sister K. I had a quilting plan for it, but when I sat down and started on it, I felt like it wanted so much more quilting. Has that ever happened to you?
 So I am giving it what it wants and I am very thrilled with the results so far.  I have about 9 hours of quilting into this now. and I'm not sure how long to finish. I think I am more than half way there, though.
It's going to be a beauty, I think. The most quilting I have ever put into so small a quilt. I think it's around 60 x 60.  So that's what I am up to. How about you?
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  1. Gorgeous hst in the Reunion line (of of my FAVs) and your quilting is awesome!!

  2. Love me some HST, your pillow will look so nice!

  3. I really love your straight line quilting on this. Looks great.

  4. I am loving the Floral Fancy by Swirly Girls, my table cloth you mention was purchased in Provence, France - but I understand your confusion, since I keep going back to Italy! Anyway, I think the Fabric will make a beautiful tablecloth!
    ps I LOVE K's quilt !!!

  5. First of all the quilting that that quilt was begging for is beautiful! You've got alot of time invested in it and it shows. It's gorgeous! Also, I've never made PJ pants but keep thinking that flannel ones would be nice. Might have to copy you! :)


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