Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas is Coming

It's just next week, as a matter of fact. So much still to do. If life was a little less chaotic, I would have more posts and more to show you. It is hard to find sewing time right now. On top of working 40 hours a week, I am babysitting one day a week after work, which cuts out any sewing time that day and one of my days off each of these last two weeks is for Christmas shopping with my hubby.  And yesterday was our Cookie Sunday for the grandsons.

 I buy ingredients when they are on sale for about 2 months ahead of time. We need to bake lots of cookies and biscotti.
And I dress the part for this one day, with my Christmas clothes and baking apron. Just waiting for my kiddos to show up.  It was a good day. The older boys got to help with many parts, and then just enjoyed being together and playing. Little B, at 18 months loved having so many grown ups to pay attention to him, and tried to keep up with the big kids.

In other news, I was able to finish my first ever holiday table runner.  I have wanted to make one, but never have gotten around to it until now.

 I had purchased two of the prints from Hip Holiday when it first came out, not knowing what I would do with it, but knowing I would make something once inspiration struck.
 I used the triangle part of my Tri-Recs tool to cut the triangles for the runner, adding a green that I had and a pale blue from the Noteworthy line. It looks grey here, sorry.
 I quilted it with a spiraling triangle in each one, using different color threads. I used dark pink on the blue, pale blue in the green and a lime green in the big print diamonds.

The back is half cars and trees and half mod trees, so it can be used both ways. This one went home with the oldest daughter. She can't have a table cloth right now, because Little B will pull it off the table.  Next year I will make one for the next daughter and one for myself. I still have lots of Christmas fabric to use up.  Have a great week and talk to you soon.

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