Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Done, Now on to Christmas...

 First, you need Christmas trees. Here is my modern Christmas Tree quilt from the QAL brought to you by Christa, of Christa Quilts. It's not too late to make one and they are pretty quick to make, even when you go crazy like me and piece all the background.  Let's just say it didn't start out that way, but it evolved.
 Happily, the back is all one piece, so no piecing was needed there. This is wall hanging size in case you were wondering.
 One more shot of the trees and the quilting, which is straight lines in each row of trees, alternating between horizontal and vertical for each row.
 An early gift for me! I really needed a new one of these. I rarely carry a purse any more, so my wristlet got worn and dirty. Well, it was mostly white, so no surprise there.  This time, a dirt hiding color...brown, with a bit of red.
 It holds my iPhone and my i.d. and debit card. I can stuff a couple of dollars in there too and that's all I need to carry with me. I clip  my keys to the strap and off I go.
    One more shot of the back...isn't it lovely? Pattern is by Caroline of Trillium Designs.
 And a new pillow for the couch, not that it needs one, but I wanted to make a Christmas pillow this year. I got the idea for this one on Ellison Lane during a Christmas themed blog hop. I think all the links and tutorials are still available there if you are interested.I have one more pillow form to use and have a plan for it.
 The back is an envelope closure using this cute fabric I bought last year from Joann's on line.
 Here is a close up. I love all the little windows with Christmas scenes in them.
 This is the scene out my back window. I made a bunch of these little red birds a couple of years ago and I love hanging them on the tree, in the windows and just about everywhere. I have 18-20 of them. Yes, I got carried away.
So get your minions and get stitching! There is still lots of time to whip up some Christmas stuff. These are bath mitts for my grandsons, made from a tutorial by Amy Friend at During Quiet Time.


  1. I have the same problem with my mostly white wristlet---can I wash it?

  2. Wow -- you've been busy! I love your tree quilt. I've been wanting to make the CrazyMom tree quilt, but it's getting late this year. {Sigh.} Maybe next year...

  3. The minion mitts are my favorite! Very creative!

  4. You've been a busy Grammie Q too! My little granddaughter would love a minion bath mitt. Thank you for the links.


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