Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Scrappy Quilts Wednesday WIPs

Here is what I am working on: scrappy baby quilts! I have a friend who is expecting twins this summer and of course, anyone who is giving birth to twins needs homemade quilts for those sweet babies.
 The first is these Ohio Stars. I have had these scraps of fabric for YEARS! I knew they would someday be a baby quilt, since that was what they were in their first incarnation. I already have a quilting plan for this one.
 And since they are fraternal twins, not matchy matchy quilts. I am making these blocks, but I just have to figure out how to arrange them. Any thoughts? Anyone?
 And I will, somehow, include just one, small Ohio Star in this quilt too, because after all, they live in Ohio!
Maybe they should all go this way? Really, anyone got a clue here? By the way, this is post 291, so getting very close to number 300 which will have a celebratory giveaway because 300 is a very large number, right? Have a great week and I will talk to you soon. Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced.


  1. Great project! I would arrange the blocks in rows like in the last picture.

  2. The fabrics you decided on for these quilts are great! I agree with ratama, I like the strips in rows. I'd just add that star to the middle of one of the rows... well, not the exact middle. I'd offset it, but I like things to be offset and wonky.

  3. Yes! I like them stacked vertical :) Love that you will have a star in the second quilt too.


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