Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Musings

So, this is my 376th post. Closing in on 400. I set myself a goal this year to post more often, and I have done that. I pushed myself to post with some of the weekly link ups, as a way to keep myself going. Sunday Stash, Wednesday WIP, Friday Finish, Sewjo Saturday. That, right there is 4 posts per week, and many weeks, I made it. Some weeks, I did not and some weeks I did other posts. I did some blog hops with Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt. Why did I do this, you might ask.
Well, a couple of reasons. One, having deadlines, for me, keeps me motivated and moving forward through my many projects. Two, when you link up, it brings more traffic to your blog. I wanted to increase my readership. I love showing what I do.
 I entered contests and blog hops to get further exposure. I enjoyed showing my creations, but I also found that this pushed me to try things I might not have tried.
 I finished quilting a couple of quilt tops that I had hanging around for years, and I was delighted to finally have them finished and put into use.
 I made a few larger quilts and some I quilted and some I sent out to be quilted. I found the best local woman and her husband who do long arm quilting.
 I made quilts from patterns in books that I received for Christmas. I love a good quilt book, but if I don't make at least a couple of things from it, it is a waste. I do have one book like that, but maybe this next year I can get into it.
 I found great joy in using up some of my stash and actually did not buy any fabric for the first few months of the year. It is tough. There is so much beauty out there. But this pushed my creativity too, so I did like it.
 I made more baby quilts this year than ever. It is a great size and goes pretty fast. I have one more coming up. This is one of those deadline things I mentioned earlier.
 I used on line patterns that I found and fell in love with. Some stash that had been waiting for that elusive "perfect" project actually found it. We know that doesn't always happen.
 And I found fabric that just cried out for a made by me pattern so out came the graph paper and the colored pencils.
And I pushed myself to make a quilt or two with lots of pieces. I usually don't have enough patience for that.
So, where am I going with all this rambling reflection? I am trying to decide the direction for me in the next year. I will definitely keep on in the same vein that I am currently in. I want to make so many things. I still love to share here and show lots of pictures. I hope to use some of the weekly link up parties and some blog hops to keep me moving forward, but I am not going to beat myself up if I miss some. The goal of more posts this year has been successful. Deep Breath. I want to keep the joy that is quilting and drop a bit of the stress that is too many deadlines. Not sure I can do it. I am a real type A and driven. My husband knows I cannot sit still without a project in my hands for very long. Thanks for reading and thanks for following my journey. More to come.


  1. Loved this post. I use to blog lots, almost every day and became so stressed I closed my blog. A few months ago I started blogging again, however I've paced myself and I am enjoying it more. I too love showing what I make however for me it almost became an obsession and I wasn't enjoying my quilting. Now I blog when I want and again am passionate about quilting. Blogging is way down the line something I now take pleasure in at my own pace.

    I look forward to seeing what your plans are for the new year.

  2. Blogs are a lot of effort but I admire your work ethic in maintaining postings which can be difficult to keep up. Congratulations on your endeavor!

  3. I always love what your make, Charlotte. What is that rosette looking thing in green and blue? I'd like to make one....


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