Friday, March 6, 2015

A Friday Finish: A Flea on a Hot Brick

So, I do have what I think is a very cute Friday finish for you today, But first, I want to explain about the flea on a hot brick in the title. If you are familiar with the expression, it goes something like this: she was jumping around like a flea on a hot brick. That is how I feel about my sewing and crafting right now. I am jumping from project to project with not too much forward motion. Not trying to lament that fact. I was just thinking about it yesterday and these are my thoughts. If something won't hold my attention, or excite me into working on it, I jump to something else, even start something new. It will all get done eventually and I'm not punching any time clock here. So here is my finish:
 Meet Spring Maggie Rabbit. This sweet bunny is a pattern by Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy. I have made about 5 of these now and each is different and fun. The other day I needed something that was really spring-like...desperately.
 So I dug around and found my Maggie Rabbit supplies. I keep the pattern and felt all together in one place for this purpose. One of my few organizational things that works.
 I auditioned so many pretty flowery fabrics for the dress. It was hard to choose. This is a Jeni Baker print from her Dreamin' Vintage line. I can't tell you how much I love the pretty flowers on this.
 I was unsure about making the boots that are a part of her outfit, then my husband said "How about making her some colorful Wellies for spring?" Genius! So out came the brightest pink felt in my stash. I got it at Purl Soho.
 Look at this pretty. So springy and fresh, yet feminine and oh, I can't think of enough adjectives.
 Here is Maggie with her sister, Summer Maggie. She is the very first one I made several years ago when the pattern first came out.
 Her boots are exactly like the pattern is written, to lace up and tie at the top.
Summer Maggie has a hat that I designed for her to wear while gardening.
 Here is a detail shot of Spring Maggie's apron. I used a decorative stitch that my machine makes.
I even took her out in 25 degree weather this morning to try and capture how pink these Wellies are. Hard to do. It rained buckets all day yesterday while I sewed these Wellies. Very appropriate, I think. Now, the question is, what will the flea jump into today? Have a great weekend friends.


  1. So adorable and so perfect for spring! blessings, marlene

  2. Those are so delightful. I love how "happy" they look!


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