Thursday, September 29, 2016

Meanwhile...back at the Clambake

I have been trying to work on a quilt I started over a year ago when I was home during chemo and radiation for breast cancer. Rachel, of Stitched in Color had a Clambake quilt along. If you go to her blog and search using the word clam, you can find all the relevant posts.
I was able to get all the almost 500 clam shells traced and cut out. It was actually a good, soothing activity for me, sitting at the table and watching TV while I traced and cut.

I got the backing made and added the batting. This is a quilt as you go method. I started pressing the curved edges under and sewed the first few rows. I was liking it, but struggling with fatigue made sewing less fun. Finally, I stopped all together and folded it up. I think I had about 8 or 9 rows and I need 34 for the entire quilt.

The time has come to get back on that horse. I hope to be able to add several rows a week until it's done.
 They are not perfect. This is hard, but my muscle memory is improving. That's why I want to keep at it and get it done.
 The curve edge of each clam has to be starched and ironed , before pinning and stitching through all 3 layers.
 Here are a bunch, pressed and ready. This is one whole color row. I am being very random about my placement of these.
I am improving. I am trying to go slow so that it looks good. So, what are you doing these days?
Talk to you soon.

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