Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Working on My Penny Sampler

I am taking the 12 month Penny Sampler class from Rachel at Stitched in Color. So far I am loving it. I took this class because I knew that even after more than 20 years of quilting, I had much to learn and I love to learn new things about my favorite creative endeavor. I was not wrong.

The first thing about this class is picking your fabrics and your colorways. There are so many elements to this quilt that it is much more challenging than most quilts. I have fabrics everywhere.

 These are on my design wall. I want to use reds, blues and yellows, as well as some pale backgrounds which I don't have yet. They are on order and with the recent weather, I don't know how soon I will see them. We have had no mail delivery since Friday.
 This is the stack on my desk. Very primary looking. I also have some greys pulled as possible low volume background pieces for some applique.
 Another stack on the ironing board. Thinking about all the blue possibilities for this quilt. Nothing is certain yet.
             And still more...

 First up was the two heart applique pieces. I found my heart fabrics, but was searching for background. I need to make as much of this from stash as I can. That is really giving me a work out. I loved this background fabric, but the lighter hearts disappeared on it. I stared at it for two days.
 The single heart on this lime green I loved immediately. I can see that there will be trial and error on this quilt a lot until I really get going, and I am okay with that. This is an exercise to help me to grow.
So I went ahead with the applique on the green and it is resting on my design wall next to this navy blue for right now. Just checking out the possibilities.

Then I found this piece of coral sketch fabric and put the four hearts on here. Much better, but not sewn on yet until I look at it for a few days. But I think it may be a go. Now I must get back to painting and getting the house ready to sell. More sewing later this week, I hope.


  1. I loved the lime green as a background. I would love to make this quilt but I have far too many projects on the go. Who knows, I may yet succumb.

  2. I think the coral totally pops. I would definitely go there. And the lime looks lovely (especially next to the navy, which I would never have guessed... this sampler really pushes the preconceptions of what works, and it's only month 1).
    E xx


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