Monday, March 5, 2012

Lots of Show and Tell

I've really been making some progress here this week.  I am sewing a lot to finish some big projects and even squeezing in some smaller things that weren't on the list.  So here is my show and tell.  I have to tell you I cannot always get my pictures to load in the order I want without a lot of finagling.  So today, I'm just gonna narrate them in the order they came up because I'm feeling too lazy to mess with it.

This is my couch with all its quilty goodness on it.  It's sort of an off white and to protect it I have covered it in many quilts and pillows.
 I bought 2 charm packs of California Girl by Fig Tree.  I love to test drive a new line to see which prints I really love.  This line has quite a few, which could get expensive when it comes to yardage.  I had a couple of pillow forms that needed dressing for awhile now, so I decided to drop all else for the day and do them.  The border is a dotted print from the Strawberry Fields line.  See how well they play together?
 Under the green strips is the zipper.  I put the other strips on to add interest and mimic the zipper strip.
 And dig the mitered corner!  I am usually too afraid to miter, but yesterday I was not afraid at all! First a zipper and then a miter! What next?
 Here are my March Bee blocks for the Comfort Quilt Bee.  This was a great block From Don't Call Me Betsy's blog.  Her tutorial is so easy.  These were pretty quick and they are off to the post office today.
 Here is the second pillow cover using California Girl charm squares.  Also a good shot of the mitered corner.
 I like this one sooooo much.  Very cool prints in this collection, I must say.
 I didn't have another zipper long enough, so I did an envelope closure, again using two sets of strips to mimic the look like the other pillow.  The small check print is also from the Strawberry Fields collection.
 Here is another shot of my couch with all 4 pillows.  You can see in the background the quilt on the back of the rocker and the one on the wall.  If you look carefully in the bottom left corner of the picture there is my Irish chain quilt in its hoop.  Still not done with it.  Can you have too much quilty goodness in one room?  You should see the other chairs!
Last, but not least, my sister's quilt.  All that remains before quilting is to add the 2 inch border strip.  Then it will be off to the quilter.  I am so glad this is so close to done.  It is a very big quilt, even if I am not quilting it.  Thanks for coming along today.  Have a great Monday.

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