Tuesday, April 10, 2012

No Stitching Sunday

I've been busy, trying to finish up a few things.  But the past couple of Sundays were for yard work.

In the box: rosemary and marigolds
 We put in the stones and some ground cover.  We decided to grow herbs and flowers only this year, and a few tomatoes.  We're tired of fighting the critters and the shortage of full sun light.
 Hubby made me this lovely window box set up.  I love it! It's right outside the bedroom window.
 More rosemary and marigolds.  Vinca in the center bed. Deer don't eat them.  Parsley in the back.
 This is a close up of the cool plants in the window boxes.  They are so interesting looking.
 I also painted the picnic table we built last fall.  A little doodle up one leg.
 We set it on bricks to keep it from the wet ground when it rains.  Love this table.  So proud we made it.
The only stitching was sewing the backing of my sister's quilt.  That is a lot of fabric!!!  Glad it's done.
That's my couch under all that fabric.  It's off to the quilter soon.
Have a great week.

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