Monday, April 2, 2012

The One With Lots of Pictures

It has been very busy around here this last week.  Not too much actual sewing, but some.  Also there has been sewing prep and gardening.  Once I get to sewing this week, I should be able to make some great progress.  Here's hoping.

 First up is the 4th bucket hat that I made for my brother.  He is a chef, so I thought this print by Monaluna for Robert Kaufman was appropriate.  I have a pair of chef's pants in this print, made by Chef Wear.
 The other side is this swirly green batik.  I love this one and it's been in my stash for years.  I have used bits of it here and there.
 Went to the big box hardware store Sunday and got these...African Daisies, I think they are called.

 And these little beauties.  The picture doesn't do the color of the tiny blossoms justice.  They are a deep periwinkle blue in real life.  There was a large one there that was just gorgeous.
 Lots of pots of Mondo grass for edging.  Our yard is a bit of a disaster, but we are going to try and fix that.  Poor soil, critters etc. can only be overcome by diligence.
 One of the nicer things we do have are the Azaleas that someone planted before us.
 These are just a few of the many we have all over the property.  All are abloom right now.
 V is here today on spring break, and we are going to paint the faces of some of the Angry Birds and pigs on these cans that I spray painted yesterday.  I saw the idea on someone's blog, but I can"t remember who.  If you Google Angry Birds, I think it will show up.
 Next I spent some time prepping some sewing in an effort to get some of my many projects moving forward.  The original 19 items on my 2012 list have been joined by 11 more so...gotta get going here.  This is a diaper bag I am making for the arrival of baby B.
 The backing fabric and batting have arrived for my sister's quilt.  She chose a lovely Moda Marbles in grey, which will really compliment the front.  Just need to piece the back and off to the quilter it goes.
 I went against my own rule and cut out all the rest of the pieces for my last three Swoon blocks.  I had been cutting as I sewed, but I was losing ground fast, so I hope this helps get me back on track.
This is the pieced back for the Jack and Jenny Zigzag quilt for baby B.
 Sorry, this picture should have been with the other up above, but I couldn't make it move there.  This is the Amy Butler book with the pattern for the diaper bag I am making.  Her patterns are so detailed and they take me quite awhile to assemble.  I do love the result though.  So I had to get it all cut out.

And Saturday I bought all these stabilizers and fleece for the above diaper bag.  This better turn out good.  That is a lot of fleece and stabilizer.  Almost $30 worth for one bag!! Yikes.  So, what are you doing this week?


  1. You're so awesome! I'm thinking of starting a blog... any thoughts? Oh and I have two projects planned for baby B too!

  2. love the pics of the new & old flowers in your yard. Don'tcha just love spring!
    Very excited about my quilt too !


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